Origins of The Mystic Purple




Like most citizens of Paragon City, Julia Haslot led the typical nine to five life. After graduating U of P with a doctorate in “Paranormal Research,” Julia was recruited by M.A.G.I. as a part of their “Relic Research” group. Julia was thrilled to land such a posting and threw herself into the position. For three years she spent hours going over the various trinkets and such that were brought in by the legendary heroes of Paragon City. Fate would have it that a ruby pendant, found in a lair of Thorn cultists, would end up in Julia’s hands.

The raw mystic power that emanated from the pendant made the discovery of its origin top priority. Julia was given access to the M.A.G.I.’s most sensitive archives in order to discover the pendant’s history, and if possible unlock its mysterious power. For month’s Julia and her staff ran head long into dead ends. It wasn’t uncommon to find Julia working late, and the first one in the office.

After seven months hope of finding the origin to the pendant had grown dim until luck would have it a mystical tome was found in an ancient crypt in England. M.A.G.I.’s foreign office had the book sent to Paragon City where Julia found for the first time a specific accounting of the pendant. It had belonged to an ancient mystic by the name of “Rul’pep.” The entire tome was an account of the powerful mystic’s life.

Two weeks later, in the darkness of the M.A.G.I. research lab, Julia finished her translation of an odd Sanskrit found in the book.

“With the defeat of my nemesis, Duke Krasik, I have found that I no longer need this thing I have created. It is a reminder or my past, and deeds I sometimes regret but understand were necessary to protect not only myself but every living being on this planet. But I also understand that Evil waxes and wanes like the tides in the light of the moon. I can only be certain that this will not be the last time my powers might be useful. So I have bound and sealed the power of the pendant and sent it far from here, to the place they now call the “Americas.” I leave these words, my last; “Sark-un durg tranfo’so herek choba.”

Without thinking Julia mouthed the final words under her breath. Beside her, as it had through most of her research, the pendant sat idly until the whispered words of its late master were spoken. The security guards on duty at the time commented that they not only saw the flash of violet light, but they felt it as well like a wall of static had slammed into them from all sides. When their vision cleared they rushed into the lab to find Julia unconscious on the floor her hair a bright violet and her crumpled form donned in an intricate suit of lavender armor adorned with numerous Celtic designs as well as a large ruby affixed to the chest plate.

When Julia woke four days later she told M.A.G.I. investigators what had happened. She told them of a voice she had heard in her head while she lay comatose. “You have called forth the power of Rul’pep, and now it is your duty to serve as its wielder and protector.”

When the investigators asked what had brought about the transformation Julia recited the final words of the great mystic; “Sark-un durg tranfo’so herek choba.”

There was another flash of violet light and Julia found herself lying in the hospital bed wearing the same clothes she had gone to work in four days earlier. Yet the pendant was no were to be found.

Now seemingly bound to the pendant and its power Julia became “The Mystic Purple” and protects Paragon City as a field agent for M.A.G.I. To this day Julia finds her strength and abilities grow as she defends the innocent.