The Legacy of Zeir.




I wish I never made that deal... It haunts me everyday of my life.

That’s to much for you weak minded. Let me start at the beginning...

I was 17, the pinnacle of my youth. My Celtic blood was strong, the warrior’s spirit ravished every vein in my body. The cold steel of a claymore, the thrill of the hunt. That was the time I was alive.

I don’t remember the date. I know it was before gunpowder, and bricks. My house itself was made of wood, cut down by my father’s bare hands. There was wilderness all around the house. We never saw any other soul. It was peaceful.

We hunted to live. That was me and my father’s duty. I can remember the cold nights and the hot days of the hunt. The blood pouring off our swords, the smell of the meat. It was my life. Even when we didn’t need food, I hunted.

My mother and sister stayed at home. They did the laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. You know, woman’s work. I know better now that it isn’t the case anymore, but back then it was true.

One night, while my father and I were in the hunt, they came. The snarling bat winged beasts. They crushed the west wall of the house, destroyed our home, and crucified my mom and sister on the wreckage.

We returned to find the demons feasting on my mom and sister. In a rage my father leaped at them. They caught him in mid air, and ripped one of his arms out. It was horrifying. They mauled his body. I watched and cried... I was so weak...

They turned to me and marched toward me. I could feel the sweat pour down my face. I would be next.

“Stop.” A voice echoed behind me. I turned to see a pale face warrior, a large katana at his side. The demons stepped back, and bowed to the man.

“You are a weakling. Not enough bravery to save your family.”

I turned my head in shame. It was true, I was weak.

“But I know how you like to prey on the weak. You do it everyday no mater what.”He walked up to me and grabbed my face, making me look at his pale face. “I’ll tell you what. You join me and I’ll revive them. I’ll show you worlds you never thought possible.”

I could save them. I could let them have their lives back.

“So what do you say boy?”


And so my journey into hell started.

@Lunar Lupun
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