Defeat and Arrest?




OOC, but about the roleplay environment, so here it lands in this forum

In the squeaky clean heroic world of Paragon City, we are not killers or maimers no. We are defeaters of villains and arresters of the generally naughty.

One of my new favorite toys is a Scrapper with the Spines powerset. Have you seen these animations? Impale or Spine Burst can leave three two-foot long spines dripping poison sticking THROUGH the villains. Once defeated in that fashion, I'm sure I get some pretty odd looks as I drag them in for booking.

"Have you brought us another dead one then?"

*looks only moderately guilty* "Umm . . no . . no, he's not dead . . . he's . . . pining for the fjords! Yes, that is it. He's Norwegian you know. They pine very dramatically." *runs off*

Well, either that or I've got a critical care prison hospital wing named after me by now. Sometimes it just makes me smirk.

~Miss Pryzm

-Fractured: Spines/Regen- "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I'll get better. You on the other hand will be lying on the sidewalk with big pieces of broken bone jammed through your important parts. Do you really want to start this fight?"