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Gerald Christopher Kringle, heir to the Kringle potato chips fortune, had every advantage in life. By the age of 17 he was already on the fast track to take over the corporation, and had been accepted to his choice of Ivy league school. But that wasn't enough.

Gerald was universally feared by his peers as an intolerably cruel person, and one who tired easily of everyone. He masked his loathing for his father only when in his presence, and was the epitome of a spoiled rich kid.

During the last Rikti attack, while travelling across town with his father, their limo was hit by shrapnel from an exploding drone. The impressive vehicle careemed off the main street, into a warehouse parking lot. The driver believing the impact to be an attack on the elder Kringle, immediately went into defensive mode, screaming through the side streets, attempting to find a safe place for his wards.

While attempting to dodge a group of young skulls standing in the street, the driver slipped the behemoth off the edge of an overpass and into a warehouse owned by Crey Industries.

The driver, and sadly, the philanthropist Mr Kringle were killed instantly. Gerald it appeared would live, if he could gain adequate medical help. His crushed legs trailing behind him, he attempted to drag himself from the wreckage.

Gerald, floating in and out of consciousness, felt the presence of many people. Children, everywhere he turned, children. Apparently the seemingly abandoned warehouse was inhabited by a group of homeless children. It appeared that they had been living off whatever they could scrounge, and whatever was in the moldering crates of the warehouse.

The children, amused by the fact that the overly large Gerald was incapacitated, decided to nurse him back to health. Unfortunately, one of the "healing potions" they applied to him had come from a failed experiemental substance stored here. The effects on Gerald were dramatic, and indeed lifechanging.

Gerald's previously behemothly obese body began to shed fat. Muscles grew where previously only double chins, or cellulite were thought to breed. Gerald's mind had altered also, though. And somehow he knew that this change would be the most profound.

His every thought became clear, almost too-clear. And as time wound on, his body mended, but his mutated mind had only given him a hint of what might lay in store..

Over and Over Gerald was haunted by an image from his unconscious dreams.. The image of a charity worker with a bell, in a red suit..

As time passed, Gerald was eventually able to make his way out of the warehouse. On his first foray into the real world, he was accosted by children from every direction... "I wanta Johnny Two Count".. "I want the new Ms Liberty Barbie".. and they kept coming..

The taunts triggered the memory in Gerald's mind. Who do they think I am ? he asked himself...

Eloise, the young girl who had overseen his care, stepped forward, looking him squarely in the eyes..
"Why they think you're Santa of course. Because you are"
She turned and merged again with the crowd.

"Santa???" he amusingly asked himself..Right..
Seeing his refusal to accept a truth so obvious, a small child steps up and Gerald is forced to face a person he's seen only in holiday ads as his own reflection.

The glasses, the rosy cheeks, The full snow white beard and hair. they were all too familiar, yet at once completely alien.

Gerald, having made such a radical transformation in appearance, and personality, struggled to be recognized as himself, eventually weeks later convincing one of his former associates.

Gerald, unaccepted into the high-society that had spawned him, and transformed into the icon of every child's fantasies, decided to become that person. He could rarely be seen that he wasn't actively doing some type of charity work, or seeking it.

Within a year, Gerald had stopped referring to himself, or answering to the name that had served him so well in his past life, and had truly become Kris Kringle. With the aid of a few key associates, he began to do anonymous good will acts, and further developed his mental and physical abilities.

3 years later, he discovered that his mental abilities were still increasing, and after finding Dr. Marcia Winstead, a former Crey research scientist, he began a regimen under the supervision of the scientist that fully transformed him into his new self.

Gerald C Kringle, now known as Kris Kringle, is often seen thwarting evildoers, and righting wrongs, and bounding away calling out HoHoHo..




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