"Maskers, Inc."




"Legendary heroes from Paragon City's past, and their descendants, band together to fight for the city's future.

Everyone knows the famous heroes who formed the Freedom Phalanx, but there were other heroes, as well. They had less flash and raw power, but while the Phalanx contended with the most visible super-powered threats, these often forgotten heroes carried on the grim battle against street-level crime. Now these original heroes and their descendants have reunited to help stem the overwhelming tide of super-powered villainy that threatens Paragon City today.

Welcome to the Maskers' ball!"

Lawrence Goldwyn III aka "The Gold Masker,"
Director, Maskers Inc.

OOC: Newly formed SuperGroup looking for "pulp era" style heroes who want to role-play their characters "out of time" or as the bearers of the decades-old legacies of their super-heroic predecessors.

By "pulp era" we mean from the 20's, 30's and 40's in the grand tradition of The Shadow, The Spider, Doc Savage, The Green Hornet, the original Sandman and The Spirit (as opposed to the "costumed" heroes Superman, Batman and the legion of four-color heroes that followed them. As much as we love them, they're not quite what Maskers Inc. is about).

All power combos and origins are welcome (diversity is always good), but some emphasis in the various Power Pools is recommended for a more "well-rounded skills" pulp feel, as opposed to the highest end Primary and Secondary powers.

Most important is roleplaying. Of course there will be occasional OOC interruptions and the like, but our emphasis will be on the fun of these "characters" interacting with each other and playing up their personalities in the grand pulp tradition of grim vengeance to carefree derring-do and everything in between, as long as the greater good of all is served. We're heroes first and foremost.

Our players are mature, team-oriented individuals who play for the fun of the game without too much concern for rapid advancement. As long as we're having fun, we know we'll keep advancing in power and skills.

Actual SuperGroup invitations won't be offered until after we team up for a while to get to know and enjoy each other's characters, playstyles, etc. Membership will likely remain few rather than many heroes. We're not looking for a large SuperGroup, just a very cool themed one.

If anyone is interested, please send me an e-mail or send us a /tell on the Protector server. I'm on many weeknights and often on Sunday afternoons and evenings, U.S. Pacific time.


Director: The Gold Masker
Natural Scrapper Martial Arts/Invulnerability - Level 10

Counselor: Dr. Victorious
Magical Blaster Fire Blast/Fiery Fray - Level 3

Agent: The Black Masker
Magical Scrapper Dark Melee/Dark Armor - Level 3

I'm really looking forward to "pursuing justice the old-fashioned way!" Thanks.