PhoenixFire Origin




Well PhoenixFire is a normal woman 5'6" 135 lbs, attractive. I worked for Crey Industries in security before that day I noticed someone in the lab. There shouldn't be anyone in there at that time of night. He was Dark haired, working on something, .... What was I saying? I woke up the next day and my bed was on fire and luckily I got out with my life. I lost my job the same day as the fire and since then I've been working odd jobs and trying out this superhero thing. I keep wondering what is going on inside Crey industries, but I'm no longer allowed inside their buildings. It's strange to suddenly start things on fire or freeze them with my touch. I've had to pay extra for flame retardent clothing and bedding. With all of the security deposits that I've lost, it's just amazing that I'm not homeless. Luckily I no longer get too cold in winter or hot in summer anymore. But I am going to find out what happened to me, even if I have to beat up every villian in Paragon City.