The freezing of a heart




It was a cold wintermorning. Officer McBane entered one of Londons many policestations. "Good morning McBane". "Morning Jim, what do you have for me today?" "'s rather nasty..." "Jim, just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I can't take a little nastiness, spit it out." McBane was sure Jim would soon become an officer, so she used every chance she got to knock some sense in between his ears. "Double homocide, Mr and Mrs Normann. Done with a shotgun. Apparently their little girl was hiding behind the freezer". "Poor girl, is anyone taking care of her?" "Yes mam, her sister. She was the one who found them." "Sister....wait, isn't she?" "Yes mam, she is. She was comming home for the weekend. Their little daughter has her birthday tomorrow." "Where are they now?" "Right down the ha..."

On the table, Lisa saw a fat hand. It had 2 gold rings with stones that looked like they were meant for a kings crown, and perhaps someone had accidently placed them on the rings instead. Lisa followed the hand to the wrist where she found an ugly bracelet, then followed the arm until she encountered a horribly pink shirt, going on to a necklace even more hideous than the bracelet and finally ending in the worst of it all: the unpleasent face of Mrs Überman.
She had been daydreaming again. Not like she cared. The finer details of german gramatics weren't exactly her idea of fun. "So, MISS Nuuurrrrman! Do you think you are ABOVE the rest of the class? Do you BELIEVE you're better than the rest of us?" Lisa send Mrs Übermann an ice cold stare. "It's pronounced NORMANN." Mrs Überman sent Lisa a stare burning with hatred. "You vill ofcourze be maching ein essay about zhe importanze of genetiv in the german language zill next lesson." "In your dreams" Lisa mumbled. "?Vhat did you zay?!" "Nothing...

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