Origin of Mark Legacy




So I'm over on the Virtue server, and I've made this character concept that came to mind while I was reading through the game backstory. Decided to post it here, see what people think.

"So you'd never guess it by looking at him, especially not now, but my grandpa used to be a supervillain. That was back in like the forties, but he wasn't like one of the big historical figures of the time or anything. Just one of the local guys trying to make a buck the bad way. Called himself Dark Wind, and he used these gloves...

Look, I'm getting ahead of myself. My name's Mark Taran, and I really cared about my grandfather. He retired early from being a supervillain because his heart wasn't really in it. He told me all the stories you don't hear from the heroes, about the times he and his group actually went up against heroes and won, and the times when things were tough and the supers stayed off his back. He always played fair, never killed anyone, and I think they respected that.

I used to visit him every Tuesday, until the day I found his apartment door open and gang graffiti sprayed all over it. It was really bad inside. I don't like to think about it much. He woke up one last time, while they were getting him on the stretcher, and he snuck me this key. After they left I started trying locks, and it went to a chest under a tablecloth, tucked in the corner.

So I opened it. What else could I do, walk out?

Inside were those gloves I mentioned, and a pair of goggles, and this really cheeseball costume. I didn't think technology like this was around in the forties. He left his notes, too. I think all this draws power from some kind of dark matter dimension. It's hard to tell. He was a genius, and his handwriting sucked. Neither of those help me understand him. I should've asked more questions when I had the chance.

When I'm wearing these goggles it's like I'm three seconds ahead of everyone else. Things just slow down, and I think sometimes I can see the future out of the corner of my eye.

The gloves, man... don't get me started. It's like raw power flowing through them, this dark misty energy. Cool, very Hollywood, but it's a little scary. ...I'm not gonna touch the costume, though. It's ugly-looking. Sorry, grandpa.

I've sat up late a few nights in a row now, thinking about why grandpa gave me this stuff. He was a villain for a few years, sure, but he gave it up. He was never really a bad guy. Maybe he just didn't want the gangers getting his old equipment. Maybe he saw something in me that I didn't. I don't know. My friend Brian says I should sell this stuff on the 'net or something and forget about it. I say no way.

These gloves, these goggles, they're my grandfather's legacy.

If I can take these tools of darkness and make this city a better place, that'll be my legacy.

I think wherever he is, he's getting a laugh out of the irony here."