New CoH Test Server "The Training Room" Up!




What is a test server?

It’s your chance to preview upcoming changes and updates and provide feedback to the developers.

The test server is set up specifically for the testing of updates *before* they are incorporated into the game itself. Players can login, preview/test the planned new features, fixes, changes, tweaks and offer up bug reports or suggestions.

How does a test server differ from a “live” server?

Due to the nature and purpose of a test server, the operative word to keep in mind is “temporary.”

· Content and characters could be wiped at anytime as game specific updates and changes are published, tested and removed.

· Players can expect lower levels of support, since the bulk of this service is centered around our live servers.

· Normal bug reporting and petitions will be handled a bit differently, as all issues need to be given more time for in-depth study, review and reproduction.

Here’s how to install the test server client:

1. Locate the “CohUpdater.exe” file. If you installed the game from the retail cd, this will be in the game directory, which is “C:\Program Files\City of Heroes” by default.

2. Create a shortcut to this file.

3. Open the Properties for the newly created shortcut. In the “Target” window, add the following flag to the end of the line:

5. Run this shortcut.

The first time you run the shortcut, you will be asked if you want to install the test client to the default directory. Choose “Yes” if you want to install it there, or choose “No” if you want to choose a different directory. It is recommended that you install the test client in a different location than your normal game client.

Once the test client is installed, you can launch the test client by using this same shortcut.

Additional Information:

· The test client does not include an uninstall program. To remove it, you will have to delete it manually.

· If you uninstall the normal game client, it will remove the “CohUpdater.exe” file. If you plan to remove the normal game client but continue to use the test client, be sure to make a copy of this file first.

**We have a new CoH board forum entitled “The Training Room” where you can post your comments, bugs, suggestions and other feedback. So please visit!**

Thank you for participating! We look forward to your feedback!