New RP-Heavy Supergroup Founded on Guardian Server




The Eyes of the Dragon are a group of heavy RP-ers who met in the game and were summarily astonished when all three of us RP-ed right off the bat. I don't know if we're a statistical anomoly or what but none of the three of us have really met anyone on Guardian who acts in character.
We decided right away to form our own group as soon as we were able and have now done so.
Darkness Rising is the Leader (Kage) and the two captains (Sennins) are MadHatter and Zarathustra. We accept any invitations to speak as we are seeking like-minded individuals; however, be forewarned that you'll likely be blown off if you don't have any sort of backstory.
The mentality of the group ranges from one extreme to the other so it might be best to seek out the one of us who'd most suit your character to speak with.
Darkness Rising (the founder of the group) is a Defender with origins relating to Ninjitsu and a fascination with the plane of shadows. He understands that evil is inherent in all life and (though not evil himself) understands that it is a powerful force that may be tapped for strength if one has the will to stand up to it.
Zarathustra, whilst also a Defender, is his polar opposite. A follower of the Sun God he is a devoted and determined soul. He has a great passion for aiding the citizens of Paragon City. He is wise and his words hold great weight.
The MadHatter is just that... Or very nearly. A Controller with flair. A madman in a fedora. He has a passion for just about everything and an abundant sense of humor with heaping piles of style to round him out.
So, if you're on the Guardian server and you simply cannot find anyone to RP with to save your life, than take heart and come chat with us. We'd love to have you aboard.