Thank you, fellow heroes!




As a blaster who is often forced to adventure alone, I must submit my deepest thanks to my fellow heroes, who often rush to my aid when in trouble.

When I am close to death, and villains still pound upon me, thank you Healer, who rushes in and restores my health, so that I might continue to dispence justice.

When I have accidentally run in to a villain I can't handle, and run screaming from him, thank you Hero, who jumps in his path and makes him leave me alone.

When I have the pleasure of adventuring the city streets as a member of a team, thank you teammates, who work for the whole team. Thank you tankers who wait for blasters to rest after a harsh battle. Thank you healers for the constant heal spells. Thank you scrappers who protect ranged attackers. Thank you controllers for crowd control. Thank you, all you thoughtful teammates, who play with courtesy and respect.

There are some not-so-savory characters in Paragon City, even amongst our own ranks. Unfortunately the bad get more attention than the good. I just want to let it be known that I appreciate the good out there.

Thank you, friends.



I need to add one more thank you to this well deserved post:

Thank you ladies, for wearing such revealing outfits I rarely need to use my imagination!