Dimensianis: Tesserarchon of the Hypersphere




A Ship heading towards to Paragon City, 1914

I was part of a warrior clan, the ele'he'ti, we found out that a group known as The Circle of Thorns was traveling to a city in North America known as Paragon City, we believe that they're looking for a place of great power, we decided that we shouldn't allow them to find this place, so we went on the first ship to Paragon City to stop them.

Paragon City, 1914

We arrived in Paragon City and searched for the Circle of Thorns, one of us found them talking about the city of "Oranbega", some of us have heard of it, we decided to continue as planned, we must destroy them to prevent them from getting to Oranbega, How foolish we were, after a short battle, all but myself were decimated, one of the Circle of Thorns mages started to open a portal, even i know the destination would not be a pleasent place, i tried to seal it by firing Telekinetic Projectiles at it, it only disrupted it and i was sucked in.

Dark Realm, Time Unknown

I awoke to find myself in a dark place, a realm where the air is like sewage and the ground is like burning coal, demons with weapons were heading towards me, i knew that they wanted to torture me, then i was transported to another place.

Realm outside of Space and Time

I found myself in a different realm to where i was, them i saw a shape, it looked like a sphere, but it was swirling inside of it, i couldn't make it out, it then spoke to me.

Hypersphere: Greatings Dimensianis
Dimensianis: What the Hell...Who...
Hypersphere: This is not a hell, I am the Hypersphere, i have transported you from the Dark Realm that the Circle of Thorns have sent you to.
Dimensianis: You know of the Circle of Thorns?

Hypersphere: Yes, they have found Oranbega, but there is still hope, that why i've sent you here, you will be my Tesserarchon, my chosen warrior.
Dimensianis: You mean i have a choice?
Hypersphere: What have you got to lose, don't you want to avaenged your fallen comrades?
Dimensianis: Very well, it's better than staying here or wherever i was.
Hypersphere: I will now send you back to Paragon City, you will be met by an operative of the Midnight Squad, he will assist you in any way that he can.

Atlas Park, Paragon City, 2004

I was disposited from the portal and found myself surrounded by towering buildings and a statue of Atlas holding the world. My chest was branded by a mark, i guessed it was the mark of the Hypersphere, the one who sent me here, i could tell it had also transported me in time as well as space, i could sense that my powers have been severly weakened, i would have to retrain them, then a car stopped in front of me and a man stepped out of it.

Midnight Squad Operative: Dimensianis?
Dimensianis: Yes?
M.S.O.: The entity Hypersphere told me to come here at this time.
Dimensianis: Time? What year is this?
M.S.O.: 2004
Dimensianis: 90 Years!

I could'nt believe it, I had lost 90 years, Hypersphere sent me forward in time.

M.S.O: Hypersphere sent you to this point in Space/Time for a reason
Dimensianis: For what reason! What has happened?!
M.S.O.: That's why i'm here, i'm here to help you adjust to your situation.

Hellion shoots M.S.O.

Hellion: Hey, nice car, mind if i take it for a ride?

I then tried to create a Spacial Barrier, but instead, Dark energy came from my hands and i drain some energy from the one who shot my guide to this time and i was able to heal his injury, i then fired Telekinetic Projectiles at the attacker, they were weaken by my attempt to escape from the Dark Realm, but they were strong enough to defeat the attacker.

Dimensianis: What was he?
M.S.O.: He's a Hellion, they're leaders have magical fire attacks
Dimensianis: I've lost my ability to create spacial barriers
M.S.O.: Yes, Hypersphere should've warned you about that, but it allows you to use the dark side ofm your mind to weaken your enemies, but before you can start fighting them in this city, you need to get a license.

I followed The operative of the Midnight Squad into City Hall, i clearly had a lot to learn about this "different" Paragon City.