News Article from The Paragon Truth




Well truth seekers, these so called Guardians, the self proclaimed protectors of Paragon City are indeed real. They are lead by a mind controlling religous zealot named Psypriest. And it only gets worse from there. John Stalker, a gun toting vigilante that is killing his team with second hand smoke, is one of the captians. Another member who can only be described as a vampiress, yes reports are that she has actually bitten people. Then of course there is the pyrotechnic manic who somehow manages to only burn down half of the buildings he "Arrests" people in. Let's not forget the cybernetic man who is controled by who knows what organization. The one shining star this team did have was Major Liberty, who has left the team for unknown reasons. He was unavailable for comment.

All in all I must ask you the readers "Who are the true criminals here in Paragon?". How do we know that this Psypriest isnt controlling innocent people's minds and then miraculously showing up to stop the alleged activities. Speaking of crimianl activity, does John Stalker realize smoking in public buildings is illeagal. And of course throwing grenades and discharging firearms on the street is extremely dangerous to the public, and very Illegal. So how many innocents have these "Guardians" harmed? How many homes and places of business have the damaged and or destroyed? And are they compensating anyone? Have they even checked on their victims?

This reporter will be keeping a close eye on these "Guardians" and give you the reader the Truth about them and other so called heroes. haven't heard the true story until you have heard it from me....R Tolleson