The soothing smell of pancakes filled the home of the Dunn's. Jason was still sleeping until his alarm began its loud scream telling him that it is time to get up, you got school. Jason rolls over with a moan and hits the sleep button on the top of the clock. "Jason, you get up right now! You are not going to be late for school again!" he opens his eyes and rubs his hand across the bedside table to find his glasses. "Fine fine Im up Im up!" "Good, now hurry up and shower and come on downstairs" his mother demanded. Jason got up and stumbled across the hallway to the bathroom.

Jason Dunn was 16, he lived a good life, great friends, fun family (at times), and school was 2 weeks from being over, and this was his first summer with his lisence to drive. He had two sisters, Amanda and Allison, and he loved both of them, though sometimes they can get on his nerves but when they don't they are like his best friends. Allison was special, when she was 5 she was diagnosed with caner, lukemia, and she was expected to die but she survived and even though Jason was only 4, he knew all about what she was going through. Amanda just graduated from Law School and was looking for a job, he always talked with her when something was bugging him or he needed help. He lived in a big but not monstrous house in the more "homey" area of Paragon City. Things in his life were going great, until disaster struck.

He got out of the shower and went downstairs and had breakfast. "Bye mom, I am leaving have fun at work!" he said sarcasticly. "Haha funny funny, bye son love you" his mother replied. He got in his truck and left for school. When he got there he met up with his friends and they talked until it was time to go to first period, his day at school began and it was a great school day, easy classwork and no homework in any classes. He went out with his friends until around 7 that night then went home.

He walked in the door and he saw his family in the living room, his mother holding something in her lap, he couldn't tell what it was and he got closer and said to the family "Hey yall, whats goin on?". "Just watching TV" they all said. "Ok then, I am going to go upstairs then" as he walked towards the staircase his mother said "Wait Jason I have something for you." He backtracked and she held up a Katana in its scabbard. "I know you have always liked weaponary and I think your old enough to be able to make a collection of it." He was so excited, he hug his mother and said thank you many times. As he went go back upstairs his mom said "Wait thats not all, my friend from work, Shigairu Niyosaki said he would teach you how to use one of those for free, he grew up with a katana. Jason was even more excited now "Awesome, thanks so much mom!" he said as he climbed up the stairs. He called all his friends and told him about it and he was so happy, nothing in his life could go wrong.

The next day was a saturday, and his first lesson with a katana. He went to Master Niyosaki's home and thanked him for this opprotunity "It is my pleasure boy, its more fun to have a katana and know how to use it". So they began, he first gave Jason a uniform to wear, it was a white karate uniform "In this, Katana training, I don't give belts, you know how good you are in your heart, you know how much skill you have obtained." The wise old man told him. He began teaching Jason the basics, thrusting, slashing and parrying. He noticed the new katana weidler was progressing abnormally fast. After about a month of lessons Jason began sparring with other students with wooden katanas. He never lost a match, he was faster than the others and he use the katana more percise and he actually knew every move he was making. Master Niyosaki told his mother to come watch him and watch how good he has gotten in such a short time.

The next day his mother came to witness the young man's use with this blade. Master Niyosaki stood an watched him spar with another student. "Its like he has held this weapon a thousand times before I began his teaching. He knows what he is doing, and look at his speed, he is extremely agile." Then as they were watching, Jason was locked blades with the other student and something happened to him. His amazing speed allowed him to almost teleport right behind the opponent and jab him for the win. His master and his mother were both shocked.

They went to a doctor to see what happened a few days later. He took blood samples and X-rays. Jason and his mother left and said they would get a call in a few weeks with results of the tests. Jason was scared but happy at the same time, he didn't know what he did, yet he wanted to do it again. Two weeks went by and they got a call saying to come to the Doctor's office. They came in and were immediety called in. "Well we seem to have found what came over Jason." he was anxious to know, as was his mother. "Now this may be hard to take but it is true. Jason is...well special. He is human on some level...but sometime during puberty more changed then what was supposed to. His red blood cells mixed with unknown substances we are trying to confirm, and turned Jason into what we call 'Mutants'." Once Jason heard this he was shocked, his mother stood there amazed. "Now Jason isn't diffrent, he just can do more things than the average human...much more in this case." Jason's mother wanted to talk no longer and just said a quick good bye and they left.

Jason always heard on the news about how many mutants are feared and hated. He didn't want to be diffrent. He got home and his mother told him "You are no diffrent son, you are like everyone else, we will just pretend you aren't a mutant and we will quit your katana lessons." He didn't want to quit though so he attempted to argue "No why do I have to quit?" "Because its...unfair to the other students" she made up "Thats not good enough! Just because I am diffrent doesn't mean you should keep me away from doing the things I love!" his mother just sighed and walked out of the room. It was late, Jason just went up to bed.

The next morning he was still angry at his mother and she was trying to say she was sorry but he just ignored her. He made his own breakfast and left,on his way out the door his mother said "Jason I am sorry you are no diffrent. I just care about you. Ok well you are going to ignore me." Jason just stood there with his back to her. "I love you son, can you come give me a hug?" she said. He just turned around and looked at her with her arms wide open, truly sorry she made him feel diffrent. He said nothing and left without saying he loves her back and hugging her.

All day long he felt horrible about what happened, he just felt awful. The school day went by so slowly, he wanted to get home and apologize. Finally, the day was over, it felt like a thousand years, his friends invited him to a movie but he said he couldn't and went home. He pulled into the garage and walked in, noticing something wasn't right. There was nobody making sounds, or watching TV. He was somewhat nervous. There was a trail of blood leading from the living room up to the stairs. "Hello? Mom? Amanda? Allison? anyone here?" everyones car was parked in the driveway so someone had to be home. He went upstairs and saw blood under the crack in his sisters room. He rushed in and opened the door to find Allison dead on the floor, blood coming out from her head. Jason was shocked and almost fell back trying to get out, then he rushed to his other sisters room, same result, she was face down on the floor with a bullet in the back of her head. He ran to his moms room and saw her on the floor, struggling for the phone, blood oozing from her chest. "Mom! What the hell happened?" He shouted. "Jason, im so glad your here, a group of people came in wearing dark clothes and masks came in and asked where you were, we asked why they wanted to know and they just ignored us. Then one of them just shot your sister, I screamed and kept quite. Then Amanda yelled and they shot her too. Then they moved their bodys into their rooms so you would have to follow their crude bloodtrail to the corpse." she was trying to stay alive. "Mom I am so sorry about today, I shouldn't have gotten so mad." he said sorrowfully. "Its ok son, I so..." she coughed up blood and with her last breath she said "Leave here, they are looking for you whoever they are, I love you Jason" she said as she passed on. Jason was left there, holding his mother's corpse in his arms.

He tore into his room grabbing his katana and knife and a bandana to cover his face. Then going to a friends house named Andy to see if he heard about people wanting to kill him at school. "Sorry I haven't heard about anything" was the response he got. Andy said he was sorry but gave him his dads old SWAT jacket and a bandana to cover his hair. Jason thanked him and drove away to the police station to ask if these people have been seen before, determined to kill those who murdered his family.