Virtue Players: An introduction topic




I am starting this thread as a way for players to introduce us all to their character(s). This is not a thread for your origon but simply a place to let people know you exist.

Please provide your IN GAME name so that players can contact you. Other then that, have fun!



Ivory: Rifle/Gadget technology blaster.

Ivory's past is as unknown as his motivations. A brilliant engineer he has tried his hand at many occupations. He hopes to cure his boredom with every day life by tking up heroism. Armed with a calm resolve and his multi function assault rifle, Ivory seeks to clean up more then just teh streets of paragon city.

Galactic Jack: Dark/Reflex natural scrapper.

A multi-dimensional crime trouble shooter, Galactic Jack has had his name plastered at the top of headlines in countless galaxies in no fewer then three parallel realities. He's as confident as he is cocky and almost as able. He found his way to Paragon City on vacation when intersteller meter maids towed his spacecraft for an orbit around a no orbit moon.

Cyred Ver. 2: Energy/Energy technology blaster.

Cyred Ver. 2 is Cynergetic's first succesful build of an intuitive self building AI housed in a combat ready power unit. Cyred has since abandoned his birthing company and roams the streets of Paragon City, performing favors and delivering information to heroes as he sees fit.

Cywhite Ver. 1: Energy/Energy technology blaster.

Cywhite is a more advanced model based on the Cyred self building AI, a nearly identicle body was constructed by a team of Cynergetic engineers that happened to include Isaac Voramy, better known as Ivory. Cywhite is a loyal, although fully independant, hero at the employ of Cynergetic. As he provides name recognition and security to the company, Cynergetic is more then happy to provide him the tools required for regular maintenance, upkeep and upgrade.

Megadyne Red TL: Invulnerability/Energy technology tanker.

Megadyne is a direct competitor of Cynergetic but supplies a much wider array of weapons to a far greater audience including over 300 law enforcement agencies in 40 different countries world wide. The Red TL (test line) is the direct response to the Cy intuitive combat routine their competitors test. It is faster, stronger and can take more damage then the CY models but lacks a ranged method of suppression. Rumor has it the AI is an exact replica of the base AI in the Cyred model.

Master Decoy: Energy/Energy technology blaster.

Before the Cy model AIs were developed the same housings were powerful personal weapons. Powered suits of armor capable of giving the user superior abilities in combat. The only suit of armor to have ever been produced in a test line was also the last, the neuro logic intigration driving the test pilot completely insane. The pilot has since escaped with the suit and earned his name the Master Decoy by his seemingly suicidal tactics while fighting high profile crime in Paragon City.