Shout-Out to The Extraordinary Ascendant!




Letter to the editor in the Perez Park Press

Ok, so I'm finishing up YET ANOTHER god awful mission in the sewers, shaking my clothes off trying to remove the stench of soiled sludge from my newly dry-cleaned outfit...

Well anyway, I materialize at the tram in Skyway, and then I get a call on my comm from Contact. We're expressing our opinions about another interesting topic, when a commotion at the payphone causes me to tell my friend to hold on a second...

This brave hero, The Ascendant, is apparently trying to fight City Hall... through a PAY PHONE. I couldn't believe the gumption this fellow possesed. He was taking all our complaints, RIGHT to the big-wigs door... well, to their phones, at any rate.

Seems he didn't appreciate the sewers either! And man, did he have some good suggestions. If you're listening, Ascendant, I wouldn't mind teaming up to save a sorority house from a mad archvillain EITHER!

If those d**n detectives didn't keep putting him on hold, I swear he would have gotten somewhere with his complaints. Plus it must be hard trying to articulately explain the determents to hero-kind by forcing them to muck around in human and gods-know-what-else excriment. ESPECIALLY by constantly having to listen to The Girl from Ipanema while you wait for the next pencil pusher to pick up the line...

All I'm saying is, if we band together perhaps we CAN fight City Hall... and get some decent "locals" for our future missions.

Join me, heroes and heroines, in voicing The Extraordinary Ascendant's mighty battle cry:

"Don't they have evil in Cancun???"

-The Sly Fox