Reporting Bugs In Game




From time to time you may come across a bug or oddity in the game. This may be something simple like a floating box or as complex as a mission that breaks at the very end. So if you find yourself face to face with an in-game bug what should you do?

You have two options…

The first is the simplest to use. /bug When you type this command in game, you’ll be able to give a description of the bug you have found. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using /bug.
1.) Type a description – Tell us what’s going on with the bug.
2.) Type /bug from the location of the bug – The report includes your character’s location. So if you run off or finish your mission then report the bug, the QA team isn’t getting an accurate report or location of the bug.
3.) You WILL NOT be contacted by a member of QA – Keep this in mind when using /bug. If you feel the QA team needs important information, provide it in your description.

The second option you can use to report bugs is /petition. When using this command in-game, it will create a ticket for customer support. Unlike /bug, this command DOES NOT provide us with any information about your character. Keep these things in mind when using /petition.

1.) Tell us about the bug – Make sure you provide us with all your information such as;
a. Account name (not password)
b. What bug you are seeing or experiencing
c. If it’s a mission bug tell us the mission name, the contact that gave you the mission, which zone.
d. If it a power bug tell us which power sets you have, origin and archetype of your character.

2.) Make sure you provide us with your system specs.
3.) Someone WILL reply to your ticket in a timely manner – If you do not need or wish a reply, use /bug.
4.) Give us a step by step account of how to reproduce the bug.

The QA team is constantly working to ensure your game play runs smoothly and bug free.