Clarification on board rules and thread removals




For those who have not had a chance to read the board rules, here they are:

"I'm leaving" threads are removed due to the inevitable flaming that immediately ensues. They are thus no more than troll threads. We welcome constructive feedback and are always sorry when a customer is unhappy.

"NERF X!" threads are removed for much the same reason as "I'm leaving" threads. They immediately turn into flame threads with little or no constructive information.

"Censorship" threads are also subject to removal because they originate from the false perception that people are entitled to say whatever they like on these message boards, which is not true. There is ample evidence that negative feedback is not only allowed here, but is also responded to. However, violations of board rules will not be tolerated, specifically:

2. Keep feedback constructive.

All feedback on the game is appreciated as long as it is constructive. Keep it straightforward and include examples and facts when applicable. For example, “This game is **** !” is not constructive feedback. “I am way annoyed with the following things about the game and here’s why…” is constructive and useful to us. The best way to get your opinions recognized is not to be abusive or offensive, but to be constructive and communicate in a mature fashion.

3. Keep feedback high-quality.

Please avoid frivolous postings. Threads to announce that the servers are up (after a downtime), for example, or threads made just because you want to be the “first post” in a newly created section of the board, are not quality postings and cause us extra work to remove.

Avoid posting random and off-topic conversation in the General Discussion forum. Off-topic threads/posts will be removed without notice or explanation.

It is very important to us to maintain a system of forums that allow new and veteran players alike to address concerns to the company as well as help each other. To do this, a certain amount of decorum and civility is required.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.