Paragon City SWAT Team, Virtue Server. [RP SG]




In the real world, if we were to encounter an individual or many who could engulf their hands in flames, or shoot lasers from their eyes, undoubtedly it would cause quite the commotion.

In City of Heroes, it's the opposite. The heroes are the norm, and the more 'normal' characters stand out a bit more.

Enter Paragon City P.D. SWAT Team. This SG exists to basically be the PC (player-controlled) part of the NPC/environment Paragon City PD. Since we are all heroes no matter what our AT's, instead of being a group of beat cops. We are PC PD's elite, a SWAT Team.

Paragon City is a bit more advanced than our real world's cities, for example PC PD has the Police Drone by Portal Corporation. So there are some leniencies in terms of restrictment.

Our SWAT Team exists as 'normal' people with extraordinary ability in their field of law enforcement that have been adapatively trained to deal with the ongoing Rikti threats as well as the organized crime / thug threats in Paragon City. Although we all know that we are still in the background and the heroes are in the foreground, we exist to show that Law Enforcement has not entirely been given over to the superheroes.

An Outline of SWAT and it's requirements:
*- We are a Role Playing SG. We aren't RP Nazi's, but we are looking for players who view RP as a pleasure and not a chore.

*-This will require an alternate character unless your current character is high level and you happened to follow our uniform conventions randomly. (One of our members is in this boat)

Naming Conventions: Sgt, Pvt, Officer, Lt., Tactician (Tcn.), Specialist (Spc.) (or variations therein I.E. Sergeant as opposed to Sgt, etc.) and last name.

Origins: Natural or Technology. (We stress on Natural because we want to be fighting more of the non-robotic type of organizations, but you are free to take Tech if you so desire)

Blaster: Assault / Devices

Scrapper: Martial Arts/X (anything) or Claws/X

We are in need of 1 Tanker with Super Strength. (Robotic arm(s), technology origin)

***Controller: Gravity/Empathy. We have currently a SWAT "GravBot" basically something donated to PC PD by Crey Industries. If our members grow significantly we may allow for another variant of such a bot.

Power Pools: You are free to take any of the pools you wish, sans Travel powers. Travel power restrictments are either Teleport (Portal Corporation) or Flight ("Jetpacks" like in minority report)


That is the uniform example. The colors are: Hat, jacket, pants, etc are "slate blue" this is the blue 3rd from the left on the line above the "Dark blues". The underpadding of the flak jacket should be black.

Gloves can be whatever you desire.

Same for eyewear/face details (nothing ridiculous though.)

Hat is required (but if you really dont want one I'll waive that) Hat options are : bandana, forward cap, backwards cap, beret.

Belt has to be either Tactical 1 or 2. The pouches should be black and belt silver, but if you forget it's okay. (just nitpicking)

Chest detail can be any of the bandolier or tactical's. You can also use the "scale" (Justice scale I.E. Libra) as its our emblem anyways.

If you have any further questions, please respond, I will field them here. You can contact me in game my name is Capt. Xavierov

Nikolai Xavierov,
Over and Out.

Thanks for your time!