The Sleeper




The Sleeper:

I crouch here overlooking the crowded, filthy streets below. My gas mask strapped securely over my mouth, hiding my identity and thankfully relieving me of the foul odors this city has to offer. My eyes twinkle with mirth behind my special issue vision-enhancing goggles as I find the irony of myself complaining about this cities state when I myself had played a large role in bring it to its knees.

Once not long ago I had been a highly regarded member within the 5th column, the sleeper. Countless resources had been invested into my training along with a great deal of their superhuman drugs. They had forged me into their avatar, their vindicator. I was their problem solver.

But it had all changed when I had become more then they expected. No longer did I require their drugs or their training, I had reached a level beyond their control though my loyalty had never swayed, and I knew it never would, at least until they attempted to toss me aside.

I had been thrown away like a whimpering requite unable to make the cut. No longer an asset, no longer trustworthy, they had confined me to the cells often used to house their frequent ‘guests’. I wouldn’t have it; I had freed myself and branded a deserter, a traitor but it no longer mattered, in my mind they had betrayed me.

Now I crouch here overlooking this city, revenge ever present in my heart. They call me a hero and a savior, my deeds raising the hopes of the naive people that flow aimlessly below me, unaware or the crimes I have committed against them.

What I do now I do for myself, not for them and until my revenge has been fulfilled I will continue to watch over this broken city.

By: The sleeper