So are there any RPers on Liberty?




I have always had the intention to Roleplay within COH, but unfortunately I didn't realize how few RP's I would meet on my server...Hopefully there are more out there. I am willing to change servers to RP I suppose, but would rather stay where my blaster is lvl 8 and my tank is lvl 9. So who all RPs on Liberty? Anyone, anyone...bueller....

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I've started RPing recently with my new character, but if I go back to Liberty I'll probably still be RPing.

Though I'm waiting for Task Forces to be repaired before I start levelling The Penitent again.



"ahh, the sweet smell of fresh air" ::Taking a deep breath:: "Those sewers reeked, first the cadavers, and now the lost." ::looking about the area, Star_Justice decides to take to the skys:: {Hmm, I wonder if they finally got those upgrades into my lab, I better head home to check it out. I was able to score a major deal on my move from Justice Avenue to my new digs in Liberity Park, near Freedom Plaza. Good thing too Cause Liberity Park appears to be in desperate needs of heros.} :: Raising above the roof tops Star Justice turns his attention homeward moving quickly scanning the area below for signs of trouble.....::

Names Star_Justice, currently 8th level Science/Tank (Inv/SS, Flight: hover, Leadership: Manuvers)
Hopefully I'll catch up with you on Liberity, if you see me say Hi.

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