Orgin of CryoGentic




Born and raised in a small town where everyone knew each other as closely as neighbors. She grew and was raised by her gypsy parents. When she became two years old a change had taken place in the small town. A new minister had moved in and was stirring up fear and hatred. One day during one of his many sermons, about how all will burn in the fires of Hell unless they give up everything to the church and change their sinful ways, he noticed the gypsies with their two year old . He cried out to the town that gypsies are sinful people and they are the cause for the sins of this town and that the only way to cleanse this place is to sacrifice their child.

" The child is a sinful monster it is the only thing two wicked people such as these gypsies could possibly create!" The gypsies became scared and ran to their home in fear.

A section of the town, scared by the preacher’s sermons, gathered and led a mob to the house. They quickly knocked the door and several windows in and rushed the parents. The parents were beaten harshly and thrown outside. They searched the house and found her hidden in a cupboard wrapped in blankets. They gathered her up and brought her to the priest, who was out in a clearing.

The priest set the child in the middle of a circle and told the villagers to stand outside the circle unless they wish the child’s evil to destroy them. Then he began his chant and the villagers watched in awe. He then walked into the circle turned to the villagers and smiled.

"Fools you were so easily controlled like mindless puppets I had you do my bidding!"

He then cut a hole in the sky with his evil grin. The hole, so black light could not flee from it, reached down and swallowed the pair . The hole then closed and fiery salt fell from the sky and sank into the ground where the two once were. The villagers returned home horrified at what they saw. The people began to cover it up and swore that the priest and the child should be forgotten and that the night had never happened. The gypsies were threatened and tortured till they swore to never speak of there stolen child again.

The child was sent to the Void where she was warped and mutated by the darkness, the thick fog of death and chaos that filled the realm. The child quickly grew here and gained supernatural powers. The demons and monsters were her new family now and they were unkind creatures twisting and molding her mind and soul into that of a blood thirsty beast. The priest who had taken his true form now , a large and powerful demon, was the only one keeping the creatures from tearing her apart. He did this not because of kindness but because he needed her to slaughter the world and bring back many more children with the possibility of becoming soldiers of the void. When she becomes old enough she will be sent back to earth with the name CryoGentic.

Her first mission was to reign terror upon a small town. She first appeared in a clearing with no signs of any life around. The village was a short distance away and she walked there. Most of the town’s people were gathered at the town hall to discuss the economy of the village. CryoGentic walked in and immediately the people gasped in horror as their bodies were launched up into the sky through the roof then plummeting back to the ground. The crowd began to scream and frantically tried to find any way out without going near her. She smiled at the thought of their deaths and the way they would bounce off the ground like fish out of water gasping for breath. The screams of the fallen went unanswered as they were trampled to death by the panicked people. A few of the people managed to knock some boards loose and create a "back door" out. Only a few were able to escape through this new way, but they were only delaying their death. She then caused there legs to become so heavy they were unable to move and began to be crushed by what felt to be a giant invisible fist clenched around them. As she approached there twisted and crushed bodies she found one still alive and had great pleasure in beating him to death with her bare hands.

A flicker of light in the distance caught her eye and she swiftly moved to it. There she found a small cottage with barred windows and only a single candle shown through the faded curtains. With a forceful hand gesture she tore the door off and walked inside and searched the room. In the back room she heard a familiar sound, someone was crying. The stench of fear invigorated her as she crept down the hall. The door creaked and the couple were shivering in the corner. The man lit a candle and they peered at her. The women began to cry. Not tears of fear but of something else. The man smiled and rushed over to her.

" My sweet child you have returned to us, thank the heavens."

She then caused his heart to collapse inside his chest and he fell to the floor. The woman began to scream at her asking why and other ignorant questions. The answer was so obvious, she could that’s
why. She then hurled the women into the night and let her fall back to the ground. The town no longer showed any signs of people living in it. It was her first mass killing and she felt excited from it and craved more. She decided to wait till the morning. The travel to this world had worn her out. The next day she searched the house with the foolish people in it for something that looked appetizing. While she searched the house she found a picture in a box under the bed. She opened it hoping to find some food they had stashed away for a special occasion. In the box she found a picture of a little girl that looked familiar. The face was haunting her mind so she started sifting through the corpses looking for the little girl when she saw what looked like the girl but a bit different. It then hit here the girl was her reflection in the puddle. How could this be she never was here before. She went back to the box where this lie was found and searched the box and found a few more pictures and a little book. The book appeared to be a diary. She read the diary and the entries consumed her. She realized what she was taught was the lie. But then that means the couple here she killed were her true parents and she was sent here to kill them. Her mind was destroyed and she began questioning her past trying to come to terms with this. After several days she finally realized what she had to do, she swore to atone for the horrid act she had committed here.

She left to the next town and on her way there met a man standing in her way. She tried to change her course to avoid him but he mimicked her movements. He then approached her and shoved her back and pulled out a blade. He demanded something called "money" and was very aggressive about it. She tried to
tell him she had none. He was very angry at this and tried to slice her with his knife. She felt a rage engulf here and she lifted him screaming into the air and dropped him onto a wired fence nearby killing the man. The rage subsided and she realized what she had done, it still felt good but there was now a feeling of sorrow inside her . Her nature and upbringing were a part of her and will always be fighting against her atonement.