The origin of Phospher




When you’re earliest memories involve having small demons running about crying ‘Smoachi-achi-achi’ for endless hours every day, you know you didn’t come from what would be called a ‘normal’ family life. As I grew older I was allowed to watch videotapes of what my mom referred to as ‘home’ which would be the world named by its inhabitants as ‘Earth’. Apparently dad and mom had been mid-ranking members in some sort of organization that dealt with magic. Dad had pissed someone off at a dinner party or some such and he’d fled with his pregnant wife to the winter cottage.

The winter cottage was where dad would always go to do particularly dangerous experiments or when doing research that he didn’t want to be spied on while doing. It was one of the upper regions of Inferno so it was quite warm, what with the flowing lava and flame elementals all around. The demons weren’t natural denizens of the land, they were just the result of untold centuries of really dumb demons stumbling through rifts and landing in a place they couldn’t figure out how to leave. Dad refers to it as the ‘roach hotel’ concept but I don’t get it.

I’ll skip the more boring times of growing up here and just say that I was home schooled. My mother could be a real [censored] some days and she was adamant that I get a well-rounded education. I found I had a knack for fire magic that dad said I might have picked up because of my being born in a land so close to the primal fire zone, or Plane of Fire as he often referred to it. Levitation I was good at it, having watched the demonlings do it around the castle all my life. I could handle myself in alchemy, but the majority of what she wanted me to learn wasn’t anything I could even begin to understand. Calculus was just a word that made me think of demons high on methane-juice. English? I could speak it and write it, why would I want to get better in those areas?

What I was taken with were the people that my father had fled from. I wanted to teach them a lesson about my family; namely that you don’t mess with them. So on my twentieth birthday I told my dad I wanted to see my ancestral homeland: Earth. He was against it at first but soon gave in, as I hadn’t even seen a girl before except for tapes I’d watched. I was dying here!

Soon I was on Earth. The details of the trip were hazy as ‘dimensional travel’ had been one of the absolutely boring classes I’d ever taken. I was amazed to see some of the heroes I had so often seen video of. I had my costume ready to join their ranks, calling myself Phospher after one of the more common elements of the land in which I had grown. Fire would be my weapon and I couldn’t wait to pay back the men that my dad used to work with: The Circle of Thorns. Making some web grenades with my alchemical laboratory I had brought with me, I was ready to go. But first, to find a date for this Saturday night…



Nice, so far. To the point with most of the origin and didn't lose me, either.

So, um.. Fire/Devices, eh?

The odd thing, though, was that I didn't know whether Phospher was a boy or girl until this statement: [ QUOTE ]
I hadn’t even seen a girl before except for tapes I’d watched.

[/ QUOTE ] So can we get a description of him (unless it IS a she, in which case.. ) somewhere, too? Maybe just a passing comparison to how they felt they compared, physically, to the "Earthlings" would work.

Aside from that, nice read.



Good ideas. I hadn't thought of the whole 'what the hell does he look like' or 'what sex is this creature' questions. Oops!

I quit playing this toon after hitting 10th so I probably won't write any more on it though. Thanks for the input, when I pick a main I may write another for them.