From the desk of Galactic Greg




Greetings Citizens and Super-Citizens,

I'm sure most of you are already familiar with me and my continuing war against injustice and infreedom. In fact, that is why I decided to cancel my scheduled appearance at the Paragon Middle School Annnual Arts and Crafts Festival. I felt it more important that I compose a brief note on the conspiracy that continues to grow in our great city.

Someone or... thing, is not only monitoring my every movement through the city, but they appear to have incredibly strong mind domination abilities. Periodically when I stop to allow citizens to converse with me, I've noticed that they have unnervingly personal information about myself and my numerous exploits.

Last night, a young woman named Mike, new exactly how long I had been in the city. Her brother, Carla, also new exactly how many times I had used one of my abilties.

It's clear that some evil villain is trying to unnerve me. I postponed recording my monthly voicemail greeting for the Galactic Greg fan club and communed with the galaxy. Unfortunately I have not ascertained the identity of this new, master villain.

I'm asking each citizen and super-citizen to be especially wary when they view me. I know the site of my brightly glowing, rippling physique causes many to drop their guard, but you must remain strong in the interest of our city's security.

I would also like to remind females not to gaze directly at me for more than five minutes. This may cause moderate retinal damage and is highly addictive. As always, there is no need to worship me females. I am a mortal man just like the other citizens of the ...citizenry.

Galactic Greg
One with the Galaxy
Being of Light
Cosmic Crusader