The Origin of The Outcasts





Life as a Super Hero is not always about fame and glory, especially when those who do not understand super powers fear it. Those who are identified as with a super power are quickly removed and generally pushed out of their homes, banned from their own communities. The reverse of this can happen, where they are so revered, they are put in a special place, with no regular contact, worshipped as a god or goddess, and viewed differently but separately they are still viewed in a light not as normal.

Some of those with are mutant powers, or special unique talents not understood by the public. Powers granted to them at birth, accident or some have discovered a new science, studied in the magical arts or Martial arts. However they were granted these special abilities, these so called Super Powers, they all share a common bond, given to them by those they once loved, now hate them or fear them or separated and pushed them aside, they are now all Outcasts.

The initial groups of these heroes were not heroes at all, but homeless vagabonds, street hustlers who worked as hard as they could to just keep food on the table. The onset of the great depression mixed with the knowledge they were different with a unique gift, kept their powers secret, and worked long hours doing manual labor making hard times hard and every day long cold and miserable. They each feared if their power was known the public would take their anger out on them, and some how blame them, just as their own family did.

It was not until the war, which a few of these street brothers joined the war together, and with their secret powers, fought back the 5th Column Nazi’s. Quickly the Government recognized these select few and was made fully aware of their powers. At first they denied their special powers, but the Government introduced them for the first time, others who had powers like theirs, and convinced them to band together to fight the War. The Government asked them to form as a tactical black ops unit.

This was always off the record, and always non-official. This was never on the front lines, but always behind the enemy line. These street smart heroes did things the other so called glamour heroes refused to do. This included assassination, spying, anything to win the war, whatever the government asked them to do, they did.

When the war ended, no medals were handed out, no special job was waiting, no presidential acknowledgement for their hard work. Nobody ever heard of these heroes, it was always top-secret missions, they were under direct orders never to tell anyone of these missions. Like many members of this group, no family was waiting for them, no hometown to claim, no welcome home parades awaited, it was as if they never existed and that was the way the Government wanted it.

However, there was one member of the Government who did recognize the special talents of this group. Count Charles Crey, an eccentric Romanian geneticist and renowned scientist who came to America after the Second World War. Count Charles Crey formed a new pharmaceutical special research division in the government black op sector, and called us The Outcasts, due to our history and background. Charles wanted these special tactical units to work for him as his special researchers, special security task force. We did as we were trained, doing what we could to provide not only a means to further the goals of the human race. This included exploration, and being the front line defense to fight back any threat towards mankind. Count Charles considered us people to be blessed with Super Powers, and he used that to his full advantage. The Outcasts was his special division, his kids. With the help of The Outcasts, and unlimited resources from the Governments Count Charles found unlimited powers and wonders and saved the world and galaxy many times.

Over the years, Charles would take on special missions on his own, and once during a deep-sea exploration mission Count Charles Crey’s exploration sub was reported to have had an accident, and was reported lost. Many months we searched, and we were unable to locate the Sub, and Count Charles has never been found. After an extensive search, he has now been presumed dead. With accordance to his will, Count Alphonse Crey assumed his fathers role as the head of the government division.

An Ambitious Scientist by the name of Clarissa van Dorn caught the eye of Count Alphonse Crey and quickly they were married only with in a few months of their initial meeting. Great achievements and tragedy struck the Crey’s as they both decided to take their vast knowledge and resources away from the Government sector and create Crey Industries inserted into the private sector. During their first year of the formation of the Crey Industries anniversary, on a remote tropical Island, Count Alphonse fell into a deep coma.

Clarissa desperately tried to find a cure on that Island, but found none. Clarissa became determined and vowed never to stop, until she found the cure for her husband. Clarissa had Alphonse put into a special chamber, to keep him healthy in during his coma. Soon after, in her mourning Clarissa wanted to be closer to her family and decided to take her resources, and relocate the entire Head Quarters of Crey Industries from a remote location in Switzerland and brought it back to her home city of Paragon. Outcasts agreed to help Clarissa continue to search for her father in law, and also find a cure to for her husband Alphonse, The Outcasts were proud to be apart of a company who they all considered a family.

This was the acceptance, the family each member of The Outcasts always wanted and always needed. The Outcasts did not feel shunned or pushed out, they felt in control and all felt a purpose. Crey Industries especially Clarissa made sure they were very well rewarded.

The initial trouble began when a group called the Dawn Patrol discovered bodies of fallen Heroes, MIA from the Rikti Invasion. These heroes were found in a hidden Crey Industry secret lab. The Outcasts independently confirmed this find too be fact. Crey Industries insisted that these bodies had nothing to do with the company its self, and denied any wrong doing, and completely washed its hands clean of the incident.

The Outcasts, worked hard to prove Crey Industries clear of this terrible rumor, however the more The Outcasts searched, the more the evidence grew against the Crey Industries by its rivals. Crey Industries major rivals mounted this evidence and had taken this information directly to the World Governments. Before the trial was to begin all of the evidence was lost or destroyed. In this time, The Outcasts failed to disprove Crey Industries non-involvement in the cloning facility or illegal experimental drugs. When the trial was held, Crey Industry was found innocent, by lack of the incriminating evidence. Many people felt that the Outcasts covered the tracks of Crey. The rumors of controversial drug testing techniques and illegal cloning was flying around the damage to the company’s reputation as well to the reputation of The Outcasts was done.

The World and Crey Industries turned a cold shoulder and reprimanded The Outcasts for the incompetence of disproving evidence before it was lost. The damage to the company’s reputation and loss of stock was visible. People lost trust and would no longer associate directly with The Outcasts. Certain leaders within The Outcasts were targeted for the blame and some of the members were directly accused of tainting the evidence, or even working with the Rikti, or just to cover their mistakes destroyed the evidence. Faced with these accusations the leaders of The Outcasts choose to separate the group from Crey Industries. This caused a rip between the members, some felt that they could no longer work with the group and split from The Outcasts and choose to stay with the company.

The Outcasts left with a huge cloud of shame over its head, and now over half of the original memberships choose to stay with the Crey Industries. Crey Industries continued to smear the group by publicly announcing the departure and placing the blame for the debacle on the group shoulders.

What we privately know, Crey Industries has now formed and is currently funding a drug war, which they release experimental drugs on crooks, thugs and general felons making them enhanced with super powers. They further went on to smear the Outcasts by naming the newly formed gang, the Outcasts. This drug war, helps Crey in many ways, they have live human test subjects, they get rid of the biggest threat of their former employees, The Outcasts, by naming a new drug powered gang called by the same name, thus influencing leaders not to support the original Outcasts.

The Outcasts must find the lost evidence against Crey Industries, concerning the Bodies of the Fallen Heroes, we must find the source of the drugs they are distributing and shut it down, and then we must clear our name. Finally we must continue on, on our own as a family to struggle against any threat against us, or human kind.




I appologize for the bad grammar, I hope you enjoyed.