Origin Quandary




I created a Empathic/Dark defender whom I am having a LOT of fun playing and is level 12 now. Her origin is Magic because if fits with her background.

On a whim I made another character, a Controller Gravity/Storm whom I envisioned as some type of sprite. I chose the Magic Origin for her too, but I decided I wanted to experience the game playing with a different origin, and I felt as a roleplayer it shouldn't be too hard to come up with another origin for her...

However, I really can't make up my mind. I think it's down to either Natural or Mutant and neither seems to be a perfect fit. I liked the idea of choosing Natural so I remade her into one. One of the draws for me is, that of all the origins I think the Natural origin has the potential to be one of the more unique, subtle and complex ones. It also seemed like a challenge from a roleplaying perspective to make this origin work for this character so I gave it some thought.

Sprites are supernatural creatures, but my character doesn't have to consider her abilities to be magic. I looked over the game’s definitions:

The magical hero receives his powers from a magical source. These abilities might stem from a mystical artifact that the hero has gained over the years - or perhaps the hero has mastered numerous spells that provide him with superhuman gifts.

As I'm forming this character in my mind, I don't consider her abilities to be spells or gained from artifacts. She's a sprite and her powers are something her kind all have the potential to unlock and uncover. However, I imagine if there was such a thing as a race of sprites, like humans not all sprites would live up to their full potential. Only a few would be truly motiviated to push themselves to their limits. So far it seems like Natural is a good fit.

Site Definition:

A natural hero isn't "super" at all; his amazing talents are derived from intense training and innate abilities. He may have been guided since birth to become the physical specimen that he is, or perhaps some tragedy has driven him to seek perfection.

As a sprite, my character's abilities to manipulate gravity and the weather IS an innate ability, and she very motivated to push herself to her limits. However...I can't seem to shake the image of "Natural" meaning human as hard as I try, and I think I've figured out the problem.

It's the symbol that's used for Natural, the famous Vitruvian Man symbol made by Leornardo Da Vinci. Yes, I realize my hang up is superficial, but to me that symbol is inexorably linked to humanity, a drawing that Da Vinci made studying the mathematical proportions of the human body. I know, I know it's silly to let a symbol deter me from chooing an origin for my character since everything else seems to fit fine, yet images are powerful things, and I want an origin that I can be happy with. If I can’t shake the image of Natural = human, I think that might detract my enjoyment in roleplaying her.

Mutant would be the easiest choice, since being a mutant is rather easy. You're born that way and that accounts for any physical differences and supernatural abilities. I love the X-Men, so I know I could have fun with this, but as a roleplayer, it just doesn't seem to perfect fit with this particular character. I'm wondering if I was too hasty in restarting her from Magic. After all origins don't make THAT much difference in the gameplay, but I think there's a strong likelihood that origin specific quests and content could be added in the future, and I really would like to experience two different origins if that's the case.

What it comes down to is I guess I'm just interested in other people's opinions, so hopefully I can make up my mind once and for all. I hate rerolling characters, and don't want to do it anymore than I have to. So, what do you all think? Is Natural origin impossibly linked to being human, and having a sprite-type character use that as an origin too much of a stretch? Should I go back to Magic, or try out Mutant? I’ll really appreciate hearing what anyone has to say!