Sisters Seperated and the Fallen Hero (Back-story)




"Silva! Hurry up! We're gonna be late for our class!" Grabbing quickly her bag, the young teenager raced out the door, only to await a folded-armed woman who yelled just a moment before. The fifteen year old looked up to her nineteen year old sister, lowering her head in apology. "Well don't just stand there, get in the car, we have to go."

The sister sighed, watching her younger sibling enter the vehicle. Almost ten years has it been since I became your caretaker, and look how far you've come. Nilva entered the car behind her sister, starting it up for the journey to class. Though there was a four year age difference, the two attended the same University. Yes, University. Silva was beyond her years in intellect, but she made up for it with her maturity. "Forgot your Science text I see..." eyeing the bag's weight on the seat of the car. Nilva silenced her sister, "You can borrow mine during class." that made her smile. Still just a kid... yet how am I so different? I try to be a mother to her, when I am not much older than her. The drive was quiet that day, Silva mostly was concentrating on the lab-work that needed to be done. In some ways she hated her sister for that. Barely popped a set of breasts and yet can run circles around her in class. Well, because the two were partners at least they could help each other.

With a stop, the two exited the vehicle walking to class. The looks once given to the young teen were no longer there. It was worse last year... when they both entered as freshmen... but on any event first on the docket was Calculus.

Calculus... is there a more painful thing to study than the learning of limits? Nilva watched her sister answer every question right... again... while she tried to stay awake. Thankfully today is Tuesday, and besides Calculus all that was left is their Science work. Science? Well, it is better than Calculus. She actually had a knack for it. The mixing of chemicals and the balancing of solvents was actually a forte', she would've aced her Physics class last semester if her sister hadn't accidentally mixed a mineral acid with a flammable one... oh sure, she said someone switched the label... uh-huh...

But for the most part she was an angel. Never usually acted up, always followed the rules. Occasional pranks now and then but... she loved her sister. Silva always wanted to graduate and work for the military in some capacity, aiding the heroes of the city in the work they do. She dedicated her learning to it. "If the heroes had better equipment, they could've been there to stop mom and dad from being murdered." Well, I guess she has a point... but the ******* thugs who killed them were eventually caught and imprisoned, though much solace that gave her and I.

Science Lab, Bio-Chem. A fun subject, but very hard work. Good thing we have two hours to complete our assignment. After getting lunch just now we feel fully read to get to the task at hand. A siren?

"Sis, we should go." Nilva looked down to her sister and nodded. The siren means only one thing, and it is never a good thing either. Someone is either attacking the school, threatening it, or is causing some trouble near-by. A hero would come and scope out the area, then once cleared classes would resume as normal. Least this happened now than when we were working on our project...

Her thoughts were silenced as she dove for cover, cradling her sister against her chest to protect her. The ceiling had collapsed, and below on the floor a hero had been slammed through. She did not recognize the hero, after all, there are so many of them nowadays that it really didn't matter who it was defending them as long as it was someone. "Sis! Get off!" Nilva rolled to her side, allowing her sister up. The hero lept back up through the roof to chase the villain he was combating. They were quick, fierce punches smashed against the other's face as lightning bolts in the sky. "Don't worry, he'll protect us." With those words Nilva nodded to her sister. She's right. The heroes never fail. Again, parts of the ceiling collapsed on the floor shaking the ground. The sisters covered their ears, the noise erupting forth, but standing now at the door to the lab they were out of harm's way. "See, it's safe now, too bad we won't be able to do our project now." Silva piped in, confident the fight was over but disappointed their assignment would go unfinished for the day.

Yet as the smoke cleared, the one left in the rubble was the hero from before. Another figured dropped from the ceiling down, the one he was doing battle with. Cloaked in a black armor, he wore a helmet that covered any facial expression. At his side, resting against a strap on his shoulder was a rifle. The rifle went from his side into his hands, as he opened fire countless times against the fallen hero. Blood erupted from the skin, staining the ground as it poured into the lab.

Nilva and Silva stared transfixed at the sight. Did our hero just lose that battle? Satisfied that the fallen was never going to be a problem again, the fiend turned to his witnesses. He was emitting a high-pitched laughter though his helmet, triumphantly knowing he had won the day. The jet-dark armored man pointed his rifle to them, and fired.

Quickly, Nilva grabbed Silva throwing her against the floor with her alongside. The bullets blasted through the walls, collapsing their exit behind them. Why was I so confident that he would win? Why didn't I just leave when I could've had the chance? "Two more for the slaughter..." the voice spoke from behind the helmet, with more laughter to follow. Silva knocked off a table, spilling the content forward on the ground using it as a shield from the gunman. "Oh no you don't! You can't escape me!" Opening fire, a slew of bullets filled the room. Liquids and chemicals splattered against the ground, the floor, and the two trapped. Some mixed that should not have been mixed, and ball of fire engulfed the middle of the room. "Burn! Yes, you all shall burn!" the laughter continued, as he hopped up and out of the room still firing from above.

Silva nudged her sister. "Sis! We need to leave!" The sister would not move. Laying flat against the floor, Silva turned her around. Blood poured from the body, mixing in with the spilt chemicals below. The bullets had found their mark. "Sis! No! You can't leave me right now! I need you!" the desperate attempts to wake her sister proved useless. Another explosion from the chemicals, knocking out a wall onto the lab. "SIS!" the younger sister was also silenced, but this time by the collapse of the room onto itself.

The reporters out that day reported a sad loss to Paragon City. Former Police Officer Kyle Tyrane, turned hero by his Scientific Knowledge in weaponry and armors, had been slain by a supposive member of the Fifth Column... according to eye-witnesses viewing the Elite Dark Black armor. Additionally, seven students were needed seeking medical attention, including one shot in the lower arm. Two students were announced missing. When the rubble cleared away, that number was reduced to one as the body of Nilva Lemae was found. The sister, Silva Lemae, was then announced dead shortly after, buried under the rubble.



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