Universal Time Protectorate




The soft green glow from the computer console was the only light in the room. A lone figure sat in front of it, tired, but alert nonetheless... one of the Universal Time Protectorate agents, codenamed 'Parsec'. He wasn't too concerned about danger, since nothing ever happened on his shift. Not that anything ever seemed to happen anyway. There had only been a dozen or so incidents during the agency’s entire sixty-five year history. Still, it was his duty to keep watch right now, and it was a duty that he always took seriously.

At least my shift will be over in a few hours, he thought to himself. He was looking forward to returning home, relaxing for the evening.

As he lifted a coffee mug to his lips, the green glow from the screen suddenly turned red, and a loud alert klaxon went off. The mug fell out of his hands, crashing to the ground, as his hands quickly flew across the controls. He had been trained for this moment, and it had finally arrived. "Computer, display source of disturbance," he spoke softly, but with a sense of urgency nonetheless.

"Affirmative, Agent," came the computer’s response. Behind him, the holographic pedestal on the ground lit up, and a three-dimensional array of dots appeared in the air above it. The Main Sequence line cut through the center of it, with a green dot at his current location. A pulsing, red dot appeared further up the line. The computer announced, "We have confirmation of a Class Four event."

So, Parsec thought. It’s the real thing. "Estimated time for complete reformation?"

"Nineteen-point-eight seconds," replied the computer. "Flow-lock shields have already been risen."

"Okay," he said. He returned to the computer console and started working the controls again. "Bring up all relevant data on the location. Prepare equipment for operation."

"Affirmative." A few seconds later, the air shimmered strangely, and the computer continued, "Complete reformation has occurred. Now doing standard scan and comparison."

Parsec sat back and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. It was an odd feeling, knowing that outside of the safe walls of the facility, everything was changed, and everything he knew probably no longer existed. The flow-lock shields that protected the facility prevented it from vanishing due to changes in the timeline. Now it was only a matter of comparing historical data stored in the computer with scans of the new reformation. A beep signaled that the comparison had completed, and he quickly said, "Display results."

The information rolled across the display. As he read it, Parsec was astonished. The world as he knew it was eliminated. It was almost a barren wasteland up there now. He found the focal point of the change, and everything became clear. An absolutely enormous influx of villany in a single location, Paragon City, around 500 years prior to the current time. The success of the heroes at Paragon helped prevent future alien invasions from being successful, but with all these new threats appearing, they might be overrun. That’s definitely it, he thought. If the destruction of the world is someone’s ultimate goal, they couldn’t have picked a better target.

Panels on the wall slid open, revealing his field equipment charged up and ready to go. The equipment had the same flow-lock technology as the facility, so he could safely leave and travel to the past without fear of being erased from the timeline. He gathered it up, putting the Time Displacement Belt around his waist, followed by the wrist computer and eyepiece visual interface. Once they were set, he prepared to start his mission, keying in the sequence immediately for time displacement to the proper year...