my back story




Scumbags. That’s all there is on the streets anymore. Lowlifes, trash, muggers, and sick freaks. I hate them all. I hate seeing them, hearing them, having to live around them. It wasn’t like it was in the military.

Gulf war I made a man of me, I killed my first man then. Not out of malice, or hate, or anything like that. I was my job, I took orders just like everyone else in my squad. We had to hit a vital communications relay station, but it was too close to a school to make it a viable target for a smart bomb. So we came up the Tigris like the frogmen from WWII. That’s the cast the our unit was made from, we were SEALs after all. Stealthily we crept up the river, having to swim a good bit underwater so we weren’t seen. I always liked the waterborne operations, I seemed to have a knack for them. On to land we crept through the shadows until we were in sight of the guards. A double-tap from a silenced MP5 RAS and I had killed my first man, it was that easy. They weren’t humans I was killing, they were enemy resources I was destroying.

Then there were other places. Some secret to this day, some not so secret. Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indonesia. The covert operations were the best. No public backlash, no human rights outcry. You just go in, do the job, and get out. The best part is there are millions of American families sleeping safer tonight because of what you’ve just done, and they don’t even know it.

But as things are, all things come to an end. My military service cut short by my request. My sister had fallen prey to a mugger in my home town, Paragon City. Stabbed in the back no less, a woman, by some sick freak with a television on his head. I requested a discharge so that I could return home to my parents and help my ailing sister. She died three weeks later, never making it out of intensive care. It was then that I realized what I had to do. I would not allow this to happen again. I still had contacts on the inside. I could get my hands on some weapons and hi-tech gadgets that the public has never seen. I would become judge, jury, and executioner. It was better this way. Criminals would not get off on technicalities, taxpayers wouldn’t waste millions of dollars on useless OJ like trials. I would make sure of it. No need to put a dead man on trial.

I would become hated by the underworld, feared by evil doers, thanked by citizens, respected by my peers, and friends with a few like minded individuals. I would become….. Riverdog.