Blue-Storm Beginnings...




It wasn't a bad life for Martin Steel. He was a lab tech in Crey industries...not a high lvl tech but he had the basics down pretty good. He had a nice apartment in Galaxy city...nothing much but the rent was cheap and the neighbors weren't too loud.
He loved his girl Rita very much. She wasn't a supermodel but she looked beautiful to Martin. She loved him as much as he loved her. She worked in the Cool Electronics store in Skyway City.
Then the Rikti invaded...and everything changed for Martin. Rita, on her way home, was killed by one of the Rikti Soldiers. Martin, who was to meet her, came up on Rita just as the Rikti Soldier cut her down. Screaming his rage and picking up a rock Martin attacked the Soldier with everything he had. Nearly killed in that encounter, but successful none the less, Martin took the Rikti's bodysuit, made of strange white circuits on a blue material that he couldn't identify, home.
....More on Martins story later