RECRUITING: The Night Watchmen (Virtue)




I'm hoping to keep this group as much of an RP group as possible, though we WILL take respectful non-RP'ers.

In adition to the usual perks of being in a supergroup, all Night Watchmen get:

A Night Watchmen e-mail address. Every Watchman gets a fully-hosted, POP3 e-mail address. The address will be webmail service is also available.

A profile page. All Watchmen get a page on that will display a picture of your hero, as well as your stats and other information. Check the "member profiles" page for examples. Pages are customizable, and people with good HTML skills may request FTP access to put up their own content (user-made content subject to approval).

For full details, see



We still have the following openings:

Blasters: 10 openings
Controllers: 9 openings
Defenders: 10 openings
Scrappers: 8 openings
Tankers: 10 openings
Dedicated healers: 10 openings