Role Players on Infinity?




Just started the game a couple of days ago on the infinity server. I enjoy my characters and wish to stay there.....however I am seeing a lack of Roleplay on the Infinity server. Now of course I do realize that people are new to this game and need to get some of the mechanics down before really getting into the characters. But I was just wondering if there was a roleplaying group on Infinity that I just haven't come acrosss yet?



while i have 7 characters i RP with on Virtue, i also have 4 characters i RP with on infinity.

The Bottom Line - SLv 6 Tech Force Field/ Elec. Blast Defender
The Liar - SLv 4 Magic Dark Miasma/Rad. Blast Defender
The Eighth Samurai - Slv 4 Tech Katana/Invul Scrapper
Pharaonica - SLv 2 Magic Stone Armor/War Mace Tanker

look me up if you need someone to RP with.