The last of the Yellow Turbans




Yellow Turban
Magic Controller
Earth Control, Storm summoning.

Ting Feng Lee came from rural China. He was the last hope of the secret sect, the Yellow Turbans, dated to the very end of the Han dynasty.

In ancient China, Zhang Jue was said to receive three volumes of the "Book of Heaven" from a mysterious elder. He learned how to call storms and used this magic to aid the farmers by bringing rain.

The deteriorating Han court was so corrupted that Zhang Jue could no longer stop the violence created by the farmers' riot. Finally, he gave in. He convinced that there are no hopes left in the Han dynasty.

Despite their initial successful revolts, Zhang Jue and his army (dubbed the Yellow Turbans) was crushed by the Han's loyal warlords. He and his followers were soon labeled as an evil cult by the victors in history.

Unknown to the rest of the world, the Yellow Turbans survived. Ting Feng Lee was raised by the twelve elders of the sect. He is their last hope of restoring the name of the Yellow Turbans. He was given Zhang Jue's "Book of Heaven."

With the aid of heaven and earth, he commands the wind and shakes the ground at will.

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