The Origin of King Kodiak




Note: Thanks Parallax for the cool format, which I'm stealing.

King Kodiak


Science Scrapper

Power Pools:

Andrew Tragen had hit rock bottom. A lifelong battle with the bottle had finally taken its toll, and the Paragon City construction worker found himself without a job, a home, or any hope for the future.

Alone, drunk and hungry, he sought shelter one snowy evening in a dumpster just outside a Crey Industries research facility in Kings Row. Andrew fell asleep not knowing if he'd ever wake up, and upon awakening, he truly wished he were dead. For in the middle of the night, as he lie unconscious in an alcohol-induced stupor, Andrew Tragen was discovered by Crey Security personnel, and dragged inside the facility on the orders of the head scientist, Dr. Alfred Lowe.

Dr. Lowe had been working for years on a super-serum using animal stem cells, and was always looking for live humans to serve as test subjects. On that cold December night, Andrew Tragen was like an early Christmas present for Dr. Lowe, who could finally test his newest serum, created using the stem cells of a kodiak bear.

Andrew Tragen awoke strapped to a testing bed, the potent mixture having just been pumped into his body. As the serum coursed through his blood, Andrew swore revenge on Dr. Lowe, and vowed to stop Crey Industries' insidious human experiments. Dr. Lowe laughed at the idle threat...until the serum transformed Andrew Tragen into a hulking bear-man with razor-sharp claws. Andrew made good on his promise, and sliced Dr. Lowe to pieces before smashing his way out of the research facility to the snowy streets of Paragon City.

Today, Andrew Tragen struggles to control his shift to bear form, which has proven to be unstable and unpredictable at best. But his transformation has finally given Andrew a purpose in life. Fueled no longer by alcohol, but by a driving sense of justice, Andrew Tragen has dedicated his life to bringing Crey Industries down. He roams the streets of Paragon City as the ferocious King Kodiak.