Origin of SubZero Paradox




Origin of how my character had his mutant powers awaken tell me what you think.

Hello my name is SubZero Paradox and I am a mutant. Unlike a lot of mutants whose powers show when they are born or at puberty, I found out about my powers when I was 17. I had decided to stay after chemistry class and skip my lunch hour so I could make up some work I had missed while I was out sick. This turned out to be both the worst and best mistake I have ever made. I was to do a simple experiment with the mixing of two chemicals to see their reaction after applying heat to one of the chemicals. But unknown to me, a class mate who had gotten a bad grade on the last test thought it would be funny to switch labels on the chemicals hoping for the embarrassment of the teacher the next time he tried to use those chemicals in a class. I had gotten the chemicals I thought were the ones I needed and had set up at the front of the class near the door. I turned on the bunson burner and put a beaker with one of the chemicals on the burner to heat. After a few minuets I started to add the second chemical to the one heating on the burner. These chemicals were both very unstable, and having heated one of them increased its instability. The beaker began to shake violently and then exploded, sending pieces of glass flying through the air like deadly shrapnel. I saw what was going to happen a split second before it did and braced myself for the explosion. Unknown to me, I did not just brace for the explosion, I acutely shielded myself from it with a barrier of dense cold air. This barrier was enough to keep the explosion from killing me, but not enough to keep me from being thrown across the room and slammed hard into the back wall. I remember hitting the wall hard then losing conciseness. The explosion had also started a fire which blazed up quickly blocking the door and my only way out of the room. I woke up few minuets later to find myself trapped in the back of the room with all but the small part of the class room in a blaze. The heat of the fire should have been enough to cook me at this point, but some how I was fine yet still feeling like I was being cooked alive. I went into a state of panic not sure what to do. I thought I was going to die; that I was going to be cooked alive. As a panic attack set in I remember losing control over my body. I was still awake and aware of every thing happening, but I could not control my actions no matter how hard I tried. I found my self floating 4 or 5 inches off the floor with my arms spread out from my side. I remember feeling the heat of the fire die down even though I could see it blazing hard as ever. I then saw ice start forming in the air around me and I felt myself pulling in and concentrating this ice in my open palms. After a few seconds I moved my hands in front of me with a fierce force and let out a blast of ice and cold putting out the fire and coating what was left of the room with a thin layer of ice. As my feet touched the ground I found myself back in control again before passing out from exhaustion. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital with my mom and dad at my bed side. They said that I had a few broken ribs with the rest bruised, and a nasty bump on the head from me knocking myself out when I hit the wall, and other then that I was fine and could go home soon. No one but me knew how I had lived through the explosion and the fire, and how the fire had been put out and the room had been covered in a thin layer of ice. But they had their guesses that I might be a mutant. This did not mater to my mother and father, but the rumors spread fast and soon the town was scared of me. Heck, at the time I was scared of my self. I had no idea what the extent of my powers were, how strong they were, or how to control them. My parents moved us out of the city deep into the country. Where I was able to learn about my powers, and learn how to control them. I spent the next 5 years like this. Learning how to control and use my powers, strengthening my mind and body, and hoping that the training I was doing would let me help others. I had always read of the heroes in Paragon city, and the great help they were to all that lived there. So after my 5 years of training my mind and body I decided to head off to Paragon city, and try to make it as a hero and help other people with the gifts God had given me. And how do you ask did I come up with my name. Well with all that had happened to me had reminded me of a paradox. A situation that logically can’t happen, but physically has to happen. I should not be here telling you this story right now, but I am. I should be dead having died either from the explosion, or from the blaze that destroyed the class room. So, my life was like a paradox. Logically I should be dead, but physically I am alive and well. Heck maybe I’m even better off now then I was before the accident. And since my powers let me lower the temperature of the air around me lower then zero degrees, or sub zero if you will. So I combined the 2 new parts of my life to make my new name. First part was paradox since I had some how lived through the accident, and the second part of sub zero coming from my muntant powers. SubZero Paradox was not only my new name, put also who I was now.