The origin of Nekki De Fender




Once upon a time, I was just a girl on a picnic date in Perez Park. My suitor was the handsome young Dr. David Smith, who worked with me at Chevron Medical Center. I was a 24 year old nurse, and we both worked in the Hero Ward. Dr. Smith was a sight to behold, strong jaw, nice bones, and so on. Let me tell you, I'd had my eye on him from the day I started. You can imagine my joy when he presented me with a velvet box that held a beautiful gem suspended on a blue ribbon. He told me a great Hero had given it to him as she passed during the Rikti invasion. David never spoke of the invasion, but we all knew how heroic he had been, how long he went without sleep, and how many heroes he healed and sent back to the onslaught. He told me to keep it safe, it would protect me.

We both knew that Perez was a dangerous place, but it was a beautiful sunny day, and there seemed to be Heroes everywhere. I felt safe with David. As he raised his wineglass to toast the me (blush), I was horrified to see a barbed tip suddenly protruding from his shoulder. I tried to rush to him, but couldn't move my arms or legs. I was enveloped in thick green smoke and I realized I was suspended 5 feet in the air. I was surrounded by the Circle of Thorns we had been told about by injured heroes time and time again.

A bald man in a high collar began to chant scary meaningless words. I screamed for help, but suddenly this part of the park was empty. From my perch in the air, I could see why. A group of Hydra's we're milling about near the shore, and I could see a gang of Skulls blocking the path. At that moment I knew I was doomed.

Then something magical happened. The gem David had given me suddenly started to glow. I glared at the chanting bald man and could feel the gem pulsating with my hatred. Suddenly a purple blast emanated from the gem and the bald man fell back, stunned. I fell to the ground, and something took over me. I screamed in my rage was so strong, that suddenly 3 of the surrounding hooded men fell to the ground, and the green fog seemed to heal me, not hurt me. Another of the hooded men ran away, and I once again focused all my rage at the bald man (who seemed to have a headache as he kept putting his hand to his temple). It was him and I.. As I moved in, fists clenched, the man made a horrible face exploded into a green mist. I fell to the ground, almost dead from the blast.

Then I remembered David, dying there on the grass. I ran to him, and held him close as I felt the last life slip from his body. I clenched my fists in grief and rage and gem began to glow. David rose in a mist of green fog as I raised my hands to the sky. He was as alive as the heroes we repaired every day.

From that day on, I vowed to protect this beautiful city, and all it's innocent inhabitants.

Dr. Smith and I you ask? Well, it didn't work out. He was far to into his work and his car, and lets face it I'm a high maintenance girl. I left my position at the Hospital, so I could become a field medic, and keep my fellow heroes out of the hospital. I learned to use the gem to bring the lifeless bodies to me and resurrect them, so they could return to the endless battlefield. I learned to heal them from a distance, and how to use the gem to infiltrate the villains mind. Because I had helped so many heroes, I knew where to shop for a sexy costume and I put the magic gem into a matching headband. Every day I learn more about focusing the incredible power of the magic gem into new and incredible power. I am Nekki De Fender, and I am here to help you protect this city.