Clan Aszicen - Origins for the Aszicens




Deth Aszicen - Scrapper - Dark Melee/Dark Armour -

This young lady, in her mid twenties, is of Japanese descent. She is barely 5ft 3 and athletic. He hair seems to be black but under different light can seem blue and/or violet and flows about her head as if it were smoke. She always wears shades tinted to match her outfit. However, when someone near her does something ludicris, she will look over the lenses at them with piercing eyes. A closer look reveals that her eyes are a war between the smoke of blue and violet. Niether gaining dominance, though in battle, violet seems to reign.

Background: She remembers little about her early life, except it was normal and she was an avid reader. She was not exceptional at anything, preferring not to bring attention to herself and would rather curling up in a corner reading than playing in the street.
Her favorite author is HP Lovecraft. At an early age, she found the author's stories fascinating. She would often be punished by her parents for staying up too late reading at night. Late at night, by flashlight, she would often read these horror stories, jumping at the slightest noise.
One day, she was 14, walking home from school, she came across an antique store that she had never noticed before. She stopped in and was looking around. Immediately, a bottle caught her eye. It was about a foot tall and made of a strange metallic glass. It was adorned with carvings of strange creatures that do not exist, as far as anyone knows, on this Earth. Tentacles sprouted from their bodies and the sight cause fear to run up her spine.
Fascination caused her to look closer and she saw deep in the glass a dark purple smoke swirling within. She picked it up to look closer and nearly dropped it, when an ancient voice said from behind her, 'Strange I have never seen that one before, but I have a similar one over her.'
The old lady took her to a table where the mirror image of the bottle set. If you put them next to each other, it would be as if they were looking in a mirror. The difference in this bottle was that the smoke it contained was blue. In setting the bottles side by side, the smokes swirled faster, as if trying to get at each other.
She knew that she had to have them. She pulled out the credit card that her mother gave her for emergencies and bought them. A price was never discussed. She left and took the bottles home.
Later that night, as always, she was reading one of her favorite stories. A light flashed and she looked outside. A storm was brewing, the clouds reacting as warriors in battle and the lightning was the clash of their katanas. She should not have been surprised by the first thunderclap but she was. She jumped, kicking out, knocking the table that the bottles were sitting on over. The bottles fell to the floor, shattering. The smokes leapt towards each other and she was engulfed....
The next morning, her mother only found her night clothes and book. There was no sign of her or the bottles.

(10 Years later)

Deth gets off the bus and looks up at the statue of Atlas. A slight smile crosses her face and her smoky eyes temporarily deepen to blue. She adjusts her hat and pushes her shades higher up her nose. She looks down at a yellow, crumpled flyer that had been found on the beach with her when she had been discovered.
She remembers nothing of the ten years prior except when she awoke, she possessed a keen understanding of the Dark Realms. She feels that she should be contacting the Circle of Thorn as they have answers and knowledge she seeks but another side of her knows that would end the world and she should strive to rid the world of them and their presence, discovering the forces behind them.

Warcry - By the will of Cthulhu and Uhluhtc

Supergroup - Illuminati 'The Enlightened Ones' Rank - *Illuminatus*
Motto - Darkness clouds the truth. Seek the light.



Tech Aszicen
Blaster Natural AR/Devices

....Clearance Required -> Area 51 - Level 13 //accepted
....Password Requred -> ************* //accepted
....Access Granted
....Request Subject I.D. -> Aszicen, Deth
....Information Requested -> Complete Dossier
....Access Denied.....
....Information Requested -> Description, Physical
....Access Denied.....
....Charles, please stop trying to hack my systems, I will not tell you anything about your sister. You know the Doctor has forbidden it....
....Awaiting Response, George....->Come on Hari, I have to find her. She is all that I have since Mom died. I know that she has returned. I got that much out of you before Doc cut me off.
....George, I cannot do it. Above all others, I must respect the Doctor's wishes....
....Awaiting Response George.....->







Impressive... so much mystery, so much to find OUT!