Accel, Life in a Flux




My body is in a flux. If you can call this a body.
I have been “living” in this containment armor since the day of the accident. But let me start from the beginning – or perhaps I should say let me start from the end.
I was a safety specialist at the test site for the new neutrino accelerator. A fancy name for a job that basically consisted of sitting in a room full of monitors and alarms, watching the soft yellow glow of the dials pulse up and down below some critical level. A very hypnotic pattern, day after day, night after night. When I woke up, I could not feel my body anymore…
Nobody knows what happened, nobody knows how it happened. Perhaps some sort of chain reaction. The alarms never went off. Perhaps it was all too fast.
They tell me that after the flash they sent a special team of superhero to see if there were any survivors. They came in with their force fields, and found no one – an eerie sight; everything was virtually immaculate, sterile, unnaturally clean. The corridors, the furniture, all had a patina as if bleached by years under the sun. They say they found me lying on the floor, a glowing, pulsating form of energy in the shape of a man. They say that they had to wrap me in several layers of force fields to keep me from wisping into thin air.
I don’t know if any of this is true. When I woke up, I was in a containment unit. A fairly small metallic enclosure with one very thick window, beyond which I could “see” someone in a lab coat staring at me. I tried communicating, but had no voice. I waited, waited, waited. I could not sleep, I wasn’t hungry.
I started feeling the confines of this new body. Or rather, the lack of confines. I felt the flux, the wave, the quiet pulse. I could expand and shrink, change the frequency of my being. I still had a sense of self, though some days I got lost in that sense of infinity, lost at the center of my being. I waited, and waited. And practiced.
One day I saw great excitement behind the glass, my only connection with the outside world. Then the door opened. Beyond the door a force field manipulator, a tanker, two assistants, and the man with the lab coat. They all came inside my space, and left an open armor on the floor. They pointed to the armor, pointed to the opening at the neck. They invited me to get inside the armor. I did so, I pored my self inside that empty vessel. Afterwards, they put on the helmet, and sealed it shut. I waited…
For the first time in a long time I felt as though I had a body again. I tried standing up, clumsily at first, then with greater certainty. I “looked” around. I could see clearly, my vision limited only by the confines of my visor. I tried to reach outside the armor. I did, and my visitors quickly scrambled for the exit, a look of fear on their faces. I was alone again…

(to be continued...)