A Brief Look At The Sly Fox




...Here's a taste of The Sly Fox's origin. I hope to post the full length version soon...

One time pick-pocket and small time con artist, Sylvester Trotter (or "Foxtrot” as he was known to his frien—-well, let’s just say “as he was known…”) had no idea what he had managed to get is hands on when he lifted a small jewel off of a visiting Sorcerer in Freedom Plaza. When he swallowed the mystic gem to avoid getting caught red-handed by the police, he changed his life forever. The stolen relic seemed to fuse with his body, and suddenly the young Trotter felt imbued with powers he had never thought to achieve.

At first thinking these powers could help him get rich quick, he began using his illusionary techniques and storm summoning abilities to “save” rich people and gain their trust… and access to their pockets (and in some ladies’ cases, their beds).

However when he accidentally put an elderly mark in the hospital after losing control of a gale he was going to “save” him from, Sylvester realized he couldn’t continue down this path and succeed. He decided to seek his fame by going “legit,” as it were. He readjusted his old nickname, donned an old “borrowed” red duster, and became The Sly Fox. He could only save people now, and hopefully be respected doing it. Respect meant fame, fortune, and… women!

All he can do now is try to overcome his penchant for getting into trouble… and hope he never “passes” the mystical stone.

...Hope to see you in Paragon!

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