Ogg's story: Arrival/Shellshock





On a day, very long ago in the past...

Two adventurers are walking side by side. The most unlikely pairing; a 6'7" barbarian and his best friend, a 3'4" halfling rogue. The two of them face a mountain of enourmous proportions.

The large man turns to the other, "Dirk, I hope you aren't getting us into trouble again. Don't get me wrong, I love a good fight but sometimes you get us a little too deep."

With a wave of his hand, the little man, Dirk dismisses the words. "I've never bitten off more than we can chew." The barbarian looks down, "exactly, WE can chew."

A small chuckle escapes from the cherubic mouth of Dirk. "Ogg...don't you know? That's why we're friends. I find us excitement and adventure and you get to embrace your true love....battle."

"I guess I can't complain. At least now I get to see more than snow for as far as the eye can see, now that we travel together," returns Ogg as he steps up to the opening in the mountain that Dirk revealed earlier as their latest "excitement and adventure."

The two of them wander through the caves for longer than they can remember finding nothing but rats, webs and the bones that could represent their possible future. Fortunately, other than the quiet fruitless adventure, they had encountered no enemies.

As the big man lowers his axe, blade down, to the ground his whispers still reverberate throughout the area. "Dirk, this has been extremely exciting." Sarcasm dripping from his lips. "Let's get out of here and get a drink."

Dirk looks around with a downtrodden look of disappointment. "I suppose you're right. Maybe we can get back before the night is through. The nearest town isn't too far away."

The two begin their journey out and are getting close to the opening when the cave begins to rumble. Ahead, they glance a trio of men in robes, smiling maliciously before they disappear and the ceiling begins to cave in.

Ogg looks about frantically. There is no possible way the two of them could escape. Although this is not going to be the death of a warrior, the big man says a final quick prayer to his god. He then reaches down, grabs Dirk by the collar and pants and hurls him with all of his strength toward the opening. As the ceiling comes down on top of him, the last thing he hears is Dirk screaming at the top of his lungs, "NOOOOO!!"

The cave in didn't immediately crush the life out of him, but he knew it wouldn't be long. Suddenly, he feels himself being twisted to very core of his being. Himself and the stone around him seeming to merge to a single point and vanishing out of sight.


Meanwhile, at present time, inside of a scientific facility. Two men and a woman, in white cloaks smile triumphantly.

"The procedure was a success, professor," the woman says to the taller man.

Inside the rift chamber, piled in a heap.....a jumble of rocks and a large man.

The large man is still wearing the clothes of his time, but his skin has taken on a greyish tone, streaked with black cracks.

The tall professor looks to his two colleagues, "It seems we have had an unknown side effect. Unless he has always looked as he does, the rift combined him and the stone, but the two didn't entirely seperate upon arrival."

The big man begins to stir and stands up....




As he begins to come to his senses, Ogg takes in his surroundings. There is metal everywhere and he is standing in the rubble he was buried in but this isn't where he was buried. His bearings completely thrown out of sync, he takes a few deep breaths and notices three strangely dressed people. Two men and one woman, talking to themselves. Was he deaf, because he couldn't hear a word they were saying. Still wary of his surroundings he begins walking toward them, they stop talking and look at the large stranger.

*smack* Walking right into the glass case surrounding the pedestal he is on, "What the hell? An entire wall made of a window?"

The three scientists watch as he begins running his hands along the enclosure. His brow bunches up. "It's just a window," he mumbles. He begins to pound his fists against the reinforced glass to no avail. Despite is immense strength the effort is futile.


The woman is jolted by the sound of the strange man slamming his fists into the glass. She looks to her superior, "Professor, are we going to raise the casing and let him out?"

All the while, the shorter man is furiously writing on a clipboard everything that is transpiring. "I'm not sure if it is the appropriate time let him out just yet. Activate the capsule communications and let's try to let him understand what has happened."

"Of course professor," replies the woman as she walks over to a control panel, punches a few keys and pickes up a handheld microphone. "Here you go, professor."

"Wait just a moment," notes the professor, holding his hand out in front of her. "Let's further observe his initial reaction."


The three scientists watch as the man has dropped his arms to his side, lowers down into a crouch and begins to survey his surroundings more thoroughly. After a sense of confusion and loss Ogg drops his head down, only to then realize that his skin is now grey and has cracks about the shoulder. Aghast at his appearance, the all too familiar battle craze comes over him. Elation, anger and madness take him...


"By the way he is looking at himself and his reaction, I'd say he didn't look that way before, professor," replies the woman after seeing the man's mouth fall open for a few moments and then close tightly. The shorter man that had been scribbling on his clipboard without pause the entire time finally stops, leans forward and says with confidence in his voice, "I would say he looks none too pleased. We were fortunate to take precautions in reinforcing the glass." The professor, noticing the man stand back up, squints to see what he might do next. Suddenly wide-eyed, "Lara, call security NOW!!"

Lara looks up from the control panel, and in shock, watches as the man rears back for another strike at the glass. Only this time...the man's hand and forearm are incased in solid stone. Completely stunned until reality strikes her as hard as the man shattering glass chamber, she fumbles for the security alert.


After destroying the glass enclosure, Ogg is also in shock...watching the once stone fist crumbling away to once again reveal his grey arm and black glove. Looking up with confusion and anger to the three standing frozen in front of him, he says through gritted teeth, "What in the name of the gods is going on!?" Stalking forward, he hears the strange alarms reverberating throughout the building.

(More to come...unless it is just too boring for those reading it.)