The Viper...




Born: May 19th, 1976 - Helsinki, Finland

Real Name: Christian Johansson

Mother: Katariina Johansson Father: Hugo Johansson

An after effect of the devastating and nearly lethal attack by the Soviet Military on the superhero, Statesman, with a nuclear weapon in early 1976, was that the city of Helsinki, Finland was partially destroyed and a 50 square mile radius heavily contaminated with nuclear fallout. Hugo Johansson, a supervisor at a downtown textile factory was killed outright along with more than 20,000 other citizens of Helsinki. His wife, Katariina, pregnant with their first child, was at their home 15 miles outside of town when the weapon struck. Severly burned and blinded by the blast, she spent the next three months in the hospital in the nearby city of Porvoo. Her son, Christian Johansson was born two months after the attack. Before she died of severe radiation sickness, she asked her brother from Montana, Joseph, a nuclear physicist, to come raise Chris. Her dying wish to Joseph for her son was to, "teach him the truth of what happened here. Help him learn to use his life to protect those who can't protect themselves."

Growing up in the rural countryside of western Montana, Chris learned from his uncle of the ways of the wilderness. Joseph taught him the history of where he'd come from and what led up to that day. Early on, Joseph noticed Chris' uncanny ability to manipulate energy and magnetic fields. He was able to harness the very atoms in the air and manipulate them at will. Over time, Joseph helped him learn to controll this ability and channel it into positive energy. One day, when out with Joseph on a weekend camping trip, the two came under attack by a local grizzly bear. Frightened and angered at the possiblity of loosing his uncle, Chris launched a devastating energy bolt that knocked the creature back and severly weakened him. Joseph told him that, "he moved faster than a striking snake." That was the turning point in Chris' life.

At the same time, he watched history unfold as superheroes and villians around the world clashed and made news. Then, in 2002, shortly after his 26th birthday, aliens invaded the planet. Joseph and Chris managed to escape most of the initial onslaught. After a portal opened in nearby Billings, Joseph and Chris joined a small group of others to help defend the city from the Rikti threat. With his blinding speed and the ability to use atomic energy to protect the group, they prevailed for several weeks on end. Then, during a massive Rikti assault on their position, Chris was rendered unconcious and the rest of the group, along with Joseph, was slaughtered.

Heeding the words of his mother and the lessons of Joseph, Chris left behind his old life and dedicated himself to stopping the maddness and to, "use his life to protect those who can't protect themselves."

Thus "Viper" was born........