The Frozen Crusader Origins




Origins of the Frozen Crusader, Ice armor/ War Mace tanker.

September 24, 2003, Northern Scandinavia

Event Journal, dispensary 2b, sector 9

A very special day here at the dispensary, for a change. The local Laplanders have come to me saying they had found a man in the ice.
Apparently a huge piece of one of the main glaciers to the north-east, near the main Lappish settlements, broke off, creating a small quake. The nomadic tribesmen went to have a look and found what looks like a frozen body inside a huge ice block.
The brought the ice block to me on a sleigh, hoping that my modern medecine could revive the frozen cadaver. The tribe's shaman insisted that the trapped soul was alive.
It looks like some kinda knight, i'd say, from the look of the medieval armor. I already called HQ, they'll send a team tomorrow to pick it up and send it to the national museum.

- Anna Gordova , Field Nurse

September 27, 2004, St-Amersfield, Scandinavia
Ultrasonographic studies report, St-Amesfield General

Specimen 345777 was brought in to us by the institute of archeological discoveries. It consists of what looks like the frozen body of a medieval knight, trapped in a huge glacier piece.
Our mandate was easy enough, the national laws state that before the museum can recover the vestiges, official death must be certified by a doctor.
To prevent degradation of the frozen knight, we were asked to keep him frozen. We thus used advanced ultrasounds to see if we could detect any pulse or brain activities.
To my surprise, the individual in the armor is not dead. There is a faint pulse, this man from the past is in perfect hibernation.
He will be sent to Paragon's City medical research facility in America, where they have the ressources to, hopefully, awake the ice prisonner without killing him.

- Dr Nick Kiprousov , radiologist

October 8 , 2004, Paragon City, Atlas Hospital
Extreme Care Unit

Patient is still stable, with very low vital signs. He is still completely covered in ice, but at the rate we are warming him up, we should have access to him tomorrw for blood samples.
The experts from the national historical institute are still speculating, but the main theory seems to be that our knight is wearing a typical armor from the time of the great crusades. It could be that he got lost in northern europe looking for the Holy Grail.

- Dr Paul Olson , intensivist

October 20, 2004, Paragon City, Atlas Hospital
Recovery Ward A

Our patient, nicknamed The Frozen Crusader by the medias, is continuing his miraculous recovery. Our team still can't understand how his body can be intact, after all this time. There is now signs of renal, brain, or liver damage. The eyes are fully functionnal, which is just impossible, we didn't even find a single frostburn.
His test on the threadmill today are just astonishing.
Alas, our main problem is with the patient himself. The historical institute were very disapointed when he refused to give his armor to the museum. Not only that, but the nurses have a feeling that he will soon sign a discharge from the hospital.
He must continue his crusade, he says.
I will talk with the hospital autorities, to see if there is any ways that we can keep him here. But since he shows no signs of dementia, i don't think we have any legal rights to hold him here against his will. And with all the crowd he attracts (medias, cultists, researchers) i guess the hospital's director will be glad to have him gone.

- Dr Paul Olson , intensivist

November 6, 2004, Paragon City, Atlas Hospital
Recovery Ward A

Well, the Frozen Crusader decided to leave. I can't blame him, he's in more-than-perfect conditions. And he is very smart. For a man that lost centuries, he is barely confused. He's been watching TV and reading a lot, quickly adjusting to modern english, and insist that he needs to be outside, crusading against evil.
Before leaving, he told me not to worry about him: the ice had protected him all these years and will continue to protect him now. As he said that, he shook my hand and to my surprise, his hand became cold as ice, almost giving me a frostburn. He then winked and left.
I am not sure what happened, but i think we witnessed a paranormal phenomenon. If our knight indeed inherited super-powers from the glacier, then the Paragon City citizens have got a new hero with a pure, although cold, heart to defend them.

- Dr Paul Olson , intensivist

February 6, Paragon City
Paul Olson's personal journal

I had heard very little about our frozen friend since his departure. 1 or 2 mentions in the journal about him saving a lady in distress or arresting a few thugs.
Until today.
He came to see me at the office. Told me how he adapted to the modern times. How he appreciated us saving his life. But mostly, he asked for my help.
His body is in perfect shape, and he confrimed my suspicions: he now possess the ability to control his body temperature. But he wants my help to achieve his full potential.
I told him this was not my field of expertise. That he'd be better talking with Hero Corp, Mythic, or even Crey industries. But the Frozen Crusader told me: you are the one i thrust.
I will do my best to help him reach his potential, i always dreamed of beeing a hero. This, i think, is as close as i can get.

- Dr Paul Olson , intensivist